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Meet the Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution Paving the Way for Digital Transformation in Customer Service

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SAN RAMON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2021 / As the business world continues its long march towards complete digitization, your company faces a critical choice: adapt now or risk getting left behind completely. The rapid shifts to cloud and web-based technologies that followed the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic aren't going anywhere; is your business ready?

Most companies are more than happy to go digital: greater efficiency, flexibility, and profit margins in the long run. The entire transformation, though, risks leaving out a key party: customers. Even in a fully digital world, customers will still be looking for the same human connection as always.

No client wants to get lost in an endless string of web pages, response forms, and ineffective chatbots. Pushing forward as a business cannot mean leaving the customer behind. Even if your business is transformed, the fundamental company-customer relationship must remain unchanged.

Thankfully, new tools and platforms are emerging that can help businesses remain as close to their customers as ever during an increasingly virtual era. Running through all of a business's technology should be a thru-line to customers that allows for efficient, helpful, and genuinely meaningful interactions - Five9 is proving to be just that.

Updating A Tired Model
When you think of a contact center, a distinct image probably comes to mind quite quickly: workers cramped in their cubicles, working to solve problems over the phone, reading from scripts that offer little in the way of personal connection. It's not a pretty picture, and it's one that cloud-based contact center solution Five9 is ready to do away with permanently.

The big problem with the traditional contact center model is a lack of support. Customer service agents don't have the tools they need to succeed, and consequently, the customers themselves are less likely to see their experience result in a successful outcome. The solution here is trickle-down in nature: establish the customer support infrastructure your team needs, and your customers will benefit in turn.

Five9's cloud contact center is the digital age's answer to these issues. Instead of operating more or less on their own, customer support agents who work with Five9's system instead become nodes in a much larger network of support. Each customer interaction is accompanied by a range of tools that agents can use.

These tools include everything from customer data display to Intelligent Virtual Agent, or IVA. The IVA is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps facilitate customers interested in self-service, only redirecting them to a human agent if requested. The IVA can help lighten the load on your customer support team at a fraction of the cost that most other solutions would incur.

The IVA and Five9's platform writ large also help facilitate sensitive data collection, a thorn in the side of many customer support agents. The IVA collects and stores data seamlessly, showing the agent exactly what she needs to see without risking any compliance issues by displaying the wrong information. Your agents will no longer be left to fend for themselves - they'll have an entire network of support backing them up.

Making It Work From Anywhere
In a world where COVID forced the vast majority of companies to embrace remote work for their employees, no digital solution is going to truly work unless it can facilitate scattered teams. Those companies which had already dove head first into the digital landscape were the ones best prepared to meet the needs of their customers in 2020 and 2021; everyone else was just playing catch-up.

The Five9 platform makes it possible to run a fully functional, entirely cohesive contact center staffed by employees operating from anywhere. The centralization of incoming calls into a single office can now be done entirely in the cloud, meaning that all relevant data and communications can be delivered to your employees, no matter where they're working.

This structure obviously caters to businesses hoping to maintain a flexible working model, but it has benefits germane to customer support as well. Contact centers that operate out of an office likely have limited working hours or complex shifts that need managing - if your entire contact center is remote, you can arrange schedules such that your customers will always be able to reach an agent if they need to.

Facilitating Constant Improvement
Even the best technology isn't going to magically turn every contact center into a flawless one. Every organization has opportunities for improvement; the key is knowing where those opportunities lie and how to take advantage of them.

Five9's contact center as a service (CCaaS) can help highlight these opportunities to you through its thorough data collection mechanisms. Every customer-agent interaction is documented, with all relevant data related to it stored in an easy-to-access manner. This data can then be compiled into custom reports that answer your specific questions about your company's customer service operations. These reports can be adjusted to show historical trends, future projections, and anything you may need to know in order to optimize the customer experience.

All of this data doesn't just have to sit on a server somewhere, either. Five9 can compile and distribute real-time reports on your team's operations, allowing you to respond to trends in real time.

If you're hoping to get especially zoomed in, you can even use the platform to track an individual agent's customer interactions. This lets you get on the ground floor of your company's customer service experience, seeing exactly what's working and what could be improved. Your entire team, all at the push of a button - the future of contact centers is here, and it's a digital one.

They couldn't have known it 18 months ago, but Five9 was and still is perfectly poised to fulfill the needs of organizations ready to make the digital leap. Even as COVID-19 recedes and the world opens up again, businesses are going to need sturdy digital infrastructure in order to give their customers the support they need. Five9 is here to provide just that.

Allison Wilson
Corporate Comms Director


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