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New Monetization Strategy Includes Operational Agreement with Beverly Hills Productions and BGTV for Treasure and Marine Artifacts Hunter: Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BLIS)

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  • Experienced Marine Recovery Company Working on Historic Shipwrecks in the Treasure Laden Florida and Caribbean Area.  
  • Successful History Recovering Treasure & Artifacts of High Value. 
  • Two Full Crews Added for the 2023 Season, Doubling the Effort of Previous Years.  
  • Specially Built Out Search and Recovery Vessel and Whaler Boat Acquired and Ready for Current Operations.    
  • Monetization Strategy with Newly Formed Team and Strategy to Maximize Significant Revenue Opportunities in Media and Advertising. 
  • New Venture with Well Established Media Companies Including Operational Agreement with Beverly Hills Productions and BGTV.
  • Payoff Agreement with Primary Debtholder Limits Further Significant Share Dilution in the Foreseeable Future. 
  • Creation of NFT Gaming Project and Launch of Collectibles.  
  • Operations Commencing for the 2023 Season with Expanded Operations on Four New Treasure Wreck Sites. 

Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (OTC: BLIS) conducts shipwreck and treasure recovery from shallow shipwreck finds in the Caribbean and North America. Through certain exploration, survey, and recovery techniques, BLIS uses innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide access to known wreck site areas, as well as plans to explore key suspected large unrecovered wreck sites outside of State of Florida waters. 

BLIS intends to expand into media projects involving games, television, and sales of artifacts using our web development methods and expertise. BLIS now owns the following vessels the R/V Bellows large recovery and search vessel, the M/V Bottomline on site recovery vessel, a second on site recovery vessel, a leased survey vessel, and owns two smaller service vessels that service and assist on sites already active and producing.

BLIS also owns 40% of Kraken Treasure, LLC. whereby an exclusive NFT and gaming project, World of Treasure, has created NFTs of the collection for sale. Such NFT collection will be part of the first "Pirate 888" collection. Follow BLIS on Facebook at: and its new Twitter account: Visit BLIS on Instagram at World of Treasure and the BLIS NFT collection can be found at

BLIS Launches "Monetization Strategy" with Global Advertising and Media Team

On July 13th BLIS announced the launch of their Monetization Strategy, which includes a new venture between several well-established media companies to better monetize its business and content. BLIS has signed an Operational Agreement with Beverly Hills Productions and BGTV Direct that will combine strengths through the formation of a global advertising operations team and strategy. The BLIS Monetization Strategy supports new revenue opportunities including TV Docu-series, reality shows, asset sales programming, and even movies.

The potential value of recoverable shipwreck assets is substantial based on proprietary data held by BLIS. The new Monetization Strategy should greatly enhance the value of any assets that have been recovered and expected future recoveries. The additional fleet of boats, crew, and equipment announced earlier this year is allowing BLIS to aggressively seek value from existing shipwreck sites and make plans for new sites.

Marvin Baker, President of BGTV Direct, stated, "With all of our clients, the one thing that everyone is looking for are new opportunities that their customers haven't had the opportunity to purchase, but have a lasting value that will only go up over time. As a valued partner to our Live Shopping clients that broadcast on major TV networks in the US and Overseas, this Monetization Strategy extends our commitment to providing our clients with the best products and services to increase the revenue while creating new revenue for BLIS Treasure and Shipwreck Recovery. This should truly drive and maximize their gross revenue and profitability."

BLIS Completes Payoff Agreement with Primary Debtholder

On June 29th BLIS announced it has successfully negotiated a Payoff Agreement with its primary debtholder that will minimize further share dilution. Currently, the total common shares issued and outstanding stands at 50,580,097, shares with no other classes of stock that is convertible to common shares

BLIS CEO Craig Huffman stated, "We were able to negotiate a mutually beneficial settlement with our primary debtholder that we believe is in the best interest of our shareholders." He continued, "We appreciate the assistance this debtholder has provided in the past, and believe this restructuring will drive value for our shareholders."

Earlier this year, BLIS successfully raised equity financing that allowed the Company to increase its fleet of vessels, hire additional crew, and acquire valuable equipment/resources for treasure recovery this season. BLIS has two thus successful crews for the last month working on known treasure sites for what management believes will be an epic treasure recovery season, as well as developing a variety of other revenue-producing verticles.

Two Full Crews for Continued Operations on Proven Treasure Wreck Areas

On March 21st BLIS announced that with the acquisition of its new vessel M/V Bottomline, as well as a supporting vessel, the Company is ready to enter its third season for treasure recovery off the proven wreck sites of 1715 Fleet vessels off the East Coast of Florida beginning in April 2023. During the past two seasons in both 2021 and 2022, BLIS, using single crews in the prior two years and single vessels has had successful recoveries of treasure and artifacts. That now will be more than doubled as BLIS will use not only the specifically designed Bottomline exceptionally outfitted for treasure finding and recovery of the known, proven 1715 fleet area. The area is rich with numerous finds still to be found and will be explored in areas untouched, and even those that have been searched are full of other artifacts and treasures that the ocean exposes after storms and shifting of the undersea area.

Most of all, with the acquisition of the Bottomline, BLIS expects that since it was built out and outfitted by its current new Captain will be a leader in finding treasure among all those who are contracted to find treasure in the area. 11 ships of the 1715 Fleet went down on the single night of July 30, 1715, and their official manifests were well documented for the Spanish crown. What is more, is that the vessels carried what was carried unofficially by the crew and passengers, such as massive quantities of jewelry and other items so that they could not be taxed by the crown on arrival in Spain. Many experts see this "contraband" carried as potentially as much or more than those items on the official manifests. What is certain is that tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of jewels, coins, and artifacts remain on the sea floor to be found.

New Recovery Vessel Acquired for Crew and Operations in Proven Treasure Area

On March 14th BLIS announced that had acquired a specially built out search and recovery vessel which is outfitted for large treasure recovery off the East Coast of Florida, in current operations. BLIS acquired the Motor Vessel "Bottomline," a 36-foot Chris Craft Commander, with dual super-charged engines and dual props, with built-out blowers for each propeller for treasure recovery, along with numerous other equipment pieces for operations including detection and dive equipment. As well, BLIS acquired a 17 foot whaler to add to the fleet for operations with the Bottomline, acting as an anchor and diver vessel.

"This acquisition means that BLIS now has a dedicated treasure recovery vessel that is an asset of the Company, specially built out for operations to recovery treasure on current operations," stated CEO Craig A. Huffman. "This means we have our contracted vessel and crew, and now our own treasure operations vessel with a new special crew that will be announced in the near future. As a matter of fact, the boat was built out by the very experienced treasure Captain, with decades of experience, which we will have for operations, and an expected huge recovery season."

BLIS expects the Bottomline will operate with the new crew out of the Sebastian, Florida inlet for operations on the 1715 fleet area, joining the existing contracted vessel for the 2023 season of exploration and recovery.

BLIS has also has been advised that the division of the 2022 treasure season will be made in the next 60 days, and BLIS will be able to report the division of the artifacts and treasure recovered its estimated value. 

BLIS Announces NFT Collection and Creation of World of Treasure Game

On February 27th BLIS announced the creation of an exclusive NFT and gaming project, World of Treasure, set for launch the first NFTs of the collection for sale in March of 2023. Such NFT collection will be part of the first "Pirate 888" collection and has been developed under Kraken Treasure, LLC, which BLIS helped found and holds a 40% ownership. 

From the sale of the NFTs, based on Pirate and Treasure theme, BLIS will realize revenues to support treasure wreck operations and searches, as well the Game World of Treasure them, commerce and entertainment, being developed will be owned in part as well. This is the launch of the second prong of the BLIS business plan, which was gaming and entertainment. All done, without any cost to the shareholder and no dilution of shares, only expected revenues, which are now being realized even in the presale of the NFT. The purchase of the NFTs, will result in direct revenue for BLIS and the game buildout of the treasure-based game, at no BLIS cost.

The World of Treasure (WOT) NFT collection is inspired by BLIS treasure searches and will include an initial 200 NFT collectibles of the Pirate Theme, which will be sold and include numerous rights to the in-game purchases and entry into treasure giveaways. Each NFT is unique digital blockchain collectible, first starting the Pirate series, which has already been built out for sale. The project has been completed for the NFT experience, with the collection already resulting in pre-sales for WOT and revenue for the Company. BLIS and WOT expect the collection to gain enormous traction, since its inception, just in the past month, has over 10,000 Twitter followers and over 4,000 Telegram followers worldwide all through organic growth. The sales of such NFTs vary in value for sale. BLIS will realize revenue and profit from such sales, which will enable BLIS to fund treasure endeavors and grow the Company.

World of Treasure was developed to enter the NFT collectible market and to lead to entry into the large gaming app and online industry with a pirate and treasure theme game, and interactive marketplace. The first BLIS NFT collection, the 888 Pirate NFT collection, will be rolled out for public collection and purchase March 15, 2023. The NFT collection can be seen at the World of Treasure website,

Follow the development and group of interested persons on Telegram at and on Twitter at @WOTnftgame. In addition, WOT will sponsor real-world on-shore treasure hunts at selected locations, for real treasure and valuable other items. WOT will include advertised offerings, with live music, shops, and the ability to own and develop metaverse islands property.

World of Treasure is set for the key main points for the NFT collection:

BLIS collectible NFTs called "888 PIRATE CLUB" features a player-owned economy where players have complete ownership of their digital assets and can buy, sell, and trade them inside our NFT marketplace

The World of Treasure game will evolve around 1,000 islands, each divided into 100 lots, registered as NFTs

The gaming industry is a $200 billion annual business. World of Treasure is the first game connecting treasure hunting and the Metaverse

5,000 galleon style ships NFTs will give players the option to own unique vessels, with ONLY 8,888 PIRATE NFTs will be sold

For more information on $BLIS visit:


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