New Song By 2pac Shakur's "Voice Double" and The New Voice Of Canadian Hip-Hop

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"Rap Master 1" Stars in Hit Record w/ "Makaveli" The Don's Audio Twin (REAL)

New York City, Dec 31, 2020 ( - Wow! This record is being released everywhere on January 25th, 2021.
It is available to hear exclusively (in full) for a limited time. (Bottom of Page)

The factual vocal doppelganger of Tupac teams up with "Rap Master 1"
for a "bone-chilling listening-experience" that cannot be duplicated. (Link Below)

Tupac's Voice Double With The New Voice Of Canadian Hip-Hop

The high intensity and sheer tenacity of "this record are from beyond a place we call now."

The claims of Tupac's alleged livelihood are always met by the fanatics...
Rap Master 1 says "The 7-day theory is real and there is evidence 2pac is alive."

"Rap Master 1"  now presents actual testimony
from "The Don" himself extracted from secret messages encrypted into his music.

Listen Here "2pac's Shakur's Secret Message 2021"

On a further note, a classified audio recording of "Suge Knight" and 2pac's former security personnel, on the night of the shooting, confirms the man identified as Tupac was indeed not Tupac but his "body-double" w/ name. The autopsy report re-confirms these facts.

"Tupac Amaru Shakur" is 5' 9, 167 lbs...  the man pronounced dead after "days in hospital" was reported (by coroner) 6 Feet tall and 215 lbs. (View Statistics on featured document) The audio recording clarified that 2Pac had not been in the famed fight between his entourage and his rivals at the MGM because Tupac didn't "want to be there" and "had a bad feeling". It was his double. (confirmed by the security agency that protected him and also by "Suge Knight" on hand-held radio recordings as the result of the MGM's 24-hour surveillance and monitoring.)
Also, the news reported an air-lift ambulance from the scene of the shooting when the record of the actual account states he was rushed to hospital by ambulance on the ground. 
So, in other words, there are 2 accounts of the incident that fateful night in Vegas, Sept 7, 1996.

(View Clip) Tupac's Death Has Conflicting Reports (Video)


Developing story w/ "The 1 Micro Influence" 

"Is 50 Cent really Tupac In plain sight?" 

Vocal signature matching test to be revealed.

Both artists were shot 9 times in total; according to Pac's friends, he was about 6 feet tall.

"Frank Alexander" Exclaims in our next story.


"Rap Master 1" is the rap artist who created the world's longest album entitled "The Rap Effect" consisting of 7 discs and over 7 hours, 30 minutes of feature-length musical works.

Set to be released in full on February 15th, 2021.



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