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ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2021 / Video games have come a long way since they were first introduced. They've become a multi-billion dollar industry, with highly sophisticated and complex titles that require years of development time. If you are a gamer, you may have dreamed of making a career out of playing video games, but how can you do that?

"The core piece of advice I would give to any kid who is passionate about gaming would be to have fun with it first and then create your own specific brand. If people see you having fun, they'll become captivated. Be professional and create your own niche persona to help you stand out from the rest of the gaming crowd," said Adam Knych, also known as FInalBossTV. FinalBossTV is a popular gaming broadcaster that hopes to unite the world's best raiders and special guests in a community that educates on game mechanics, strategies, classes, and more.

Gaming is more than just a hobby these days, it can actually be a viable way to make a living. Here are a few tips from FinalBossTv's Adam Knych on how to turn a passion for gaming into an actual career that pays the bills:

Be Passionate

Although playing competitively and streaming on Twitch are two of the most prominent paths to a career in gaming, there are more options out there.

The market for streamers is constantly expanding, with people becoming more interested in watching daily gaming and the tournament scene expanding exponentially.

If you want to make money playing video games, you need to make sure you're passionate about the game you're playing -- that's why many top gamers are entrepreneurs. Pro gamers are known for their strong work ethics, and they spend their free time building their brands and reaching new audiences.

Stream Your Gameplay

Twitch and YouTube Gaming are popular social platforms where gamers can interact and make money streaming their gameplay. Streaming your gameplay is a great way for gamers to combine their technical skills with commentary, which is entertaining for viewers if the gamer is incredibly personable or comedic. Consider starting with Twitch for your gameplay streams.

In this new era, if live-streaming isn't for you, that doesn't mean you should completely discount your online gaming skills. You can still use these skills to create educational guides for interested viewers and subscribers. Thousands of gamers are looking to improve their skills just like you, which means educational content can gather a huge following just like other types of streaming. Just make sure your content is well-written and thorough if you seek to attract a following.

Marketing yourself as a professional gamer means providing value for your fans and followers and by playing matches regularly, you have a way to show your fans what you can do. Interviews, events, and online communities pertaining to competitive gaming offer ample outlets for taking your game to the highest level. Earning a career as a pro gamer is about showing the public that you have dedicated time to improving game mechanics, understanding tactics, being a model teammate, and interacting on a personal level with fans, pros, and others who truly love video games.

Try Being A Professional eSport Athlete

If you're looking for a different way to make a career out of gaming, you can always go the eSports route, although the competition is pretty heavy. You're not only playing against the house but against a massive amount of other gamers who love the game just like you do. You need to train constantly if you want to be good enough to rank well. Don't think that you can get away with training for just a few hours. Most serious eSports players train at least six to eight hours every day. Yes, they are having fun but also working hard.

"The secret in how to pursue a gaming career in eSports is to pick a single game and work hard to understand every component of it. You need to know all the popular tactics, get to know the characters, the mechanics, and more. This knowledge will set you apart from the players who simply play the game for fun," said Adam Knych, also known as FInalBossTV.

Eventually, after you get into a team or find a sponsor, you can finally start your career in gaming and pursue other areas of the industry. Even if it takes a while to establish yourself, it is possible to live comfortably if you manage to play well and consistently.

Live Like A Pro

Competitive gaming is more than a game, and it indicates a high level of dedication. It also requires a competitive spirit, responsibility, and a willingness to fail. To evolve as a player, it's important to take a well-rounded approach to training - one that includes developing social skills, expanding your knowledge of the game, and finding positive sources of motivation.

"Professional gaming is very different from gaming as a hobby, and It's important to remember that getting into the industry isn't easy. You'll need to clock in the hours, practice, and hone your skills in a competitive environment," stated FinalBossTV, "Achieving a goal requires work, networking, and utilizing all types of social media platforms. Most importantly, don't lose sight of your goals and stay focused."

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