11 Guest Bedroom Décor and Design Ideas For a Welcoming Stay

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When most people remodel their homes, they always put the guest bedroom on the backburner, especially if they’re not used to having guests over. No one can blame you for prioritizing the kitchen and living room makeover, but did you know that the guest bedroom has incredible aesthetic potential?

In fact, the guest bedroom gives you the rare opportunity to ignite the creativity in you. This is one room where you can experiment with all sorts of designs and décor ideas without holding back. To be perfect, your guest bedroom décor needs to strike the right balance between style and comfort with a dash of elegance.

Join us today as we highlight a few guest bedroom designs and décor ideas to wow your guests whenever they stay over.

1. Hanging Ledge

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a large home with a massive guest bedroom. If this describes you, you should consider installing a hanging ledge on the wall, in place of a desk or table. A hanging shelf/ledge fits snuggly in cramped spaces and acts as the perfect table for your guests.

You can add a reading light, an antique one, preferably, and a vase with an indoor plant for aesthetic effect. Don’t forget to throw in a book to keep your guests busy and for décor purposes. However, be careful when installing your ledge; you don’t want it hanging either too low or too high, making it impractical to use.

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows seem to never go out of style, and they can be a fresh addition to your guest bedroom. A few throw pillows can redefine the outlook of your guest room. However, make sure you get the right colors and enough of them.

You can play it safe with neutral colors like beige, ivory, and taupe. However, if you’re a little eccentric, you can go for more playful colors or trending prints like punchy floral patterns or the paisley print. You can switch these pillows around with the ones in your living room to break the monotony.

3. Painted Headboard

We mentioned earlier that the guestroom gives you experimental space to unleash your inner artist. A painted headboard is a simple and inexpensive way to make a bold artistic statement. All you’ll need is a ruler, paintbrushes, paint, and tape to mark off a rectangular section that will act as a headboard.

Use a level to make sure all your lines are straight. Once you have your “headboard” in place, you can get to work and paint your masterpiece. Make sure you do your best, but if it turns out terrible, paint over it and try again.

4. Painted Floors

If painting a headboard is too much work, you should consider painting the floors instead. Doing so is much easier because all you need is paint rollers and some paint. The floor’s color should offset the wall’s for a rich, elegant look.

5. Add Furniture Here and There

Bedrooms are for sleeping, but that doesn’t mean they should only have a bed.  A few furniture elements in the guest bedroom allow the guest to do more than just sleep. Maybe they can get some work done or even read a book or magazine.

If you don’t want a little ledge on the wall, you can add a small desk in place. Also, get a side chair to put next to the desk, so your guests can have their own tiny study on the side.

6. Install a Wall Bed

If you want to stand out from the pack, consider getting a wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, instead of an ordinary one for your guest room. Wall beds help save a lot of space and are also an excellent small guest bedroom décor element.

These beds are as comfortable as any other bed, but you can fold them and tuck them into the closet space once you’re done sleeping. You can choose from various wood finishes, so make sure you choose something that complements other elements in your guest bedroom.

7. Try the Luxe Look

If you’re looking to give your guest bedroom that sophisticated feel, don’t hold back on the luxe. Start with vibrant colored walls and a fabric headboard with bold patterns. Consider tactile fabrics for the floor and classy guest bedroom décor elements to top off the luxurious scheme.

8. Painted Ceilings

Don’t stop at the walls; take it a step further, and paint the guest bedroom ceilings. Paint the ceiling with warm colors and let the colors drip and hug the walls. Warm dark colors work great because they feel inviting and are sleep-inducing.

9. Colorful Sheets and Linen

Let some cheer into the guest room with yellow sheets or bright colored linen. Colorful sheets and linen help break the monotony of neutral colors and uplift the guest room’s mood. Find bright-colored throw pillows to match for the greatest effect.

10. Reflective Surfaces

Having lots of mirrors in the guest room is something out of the old-school décor book, but the effect is timeless. Reflective surfaces allow light to bounce all around the room, making it look bigger and brighter. These mirrors can really bring out your interior décor and emphasize your wall art if you have any.

11. Plush Seating

You can place a padded bench beside the bed or at the foot of the bed. This will act as a perfect chill spot for your guest or you when you visit them in their room. If you want bang for the buck, purchase an ottoman with storage space, where you can store the guest’s bedding.

Don’t Skimp on Guest Bedroom Décor

The above guest bedroom decorating ideas should give you a good start on how you can make the most of your guest bedroom décor. Remember, the guest bedroom deserves just as much attention as any other room in the house. If you want to make a living impression on your guests, make sure you nail the guest bedroom décor.

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