Meet Kieran White: The Sustainability Entrepreneur Helping Start the Recycling War

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With the recent worldwide health crisis, the recycling industry experienced a huge challenge, so a few exceptionally talented individuals have begun working on innovative solutions to change recycling for good. One of these people, who work tirelessly to ensure a bright future for our planet is Kieran White.

Having joined Tesla immediately after graduating high school at just 18 years old, Kieran White is no stranger to the sustainability industry. Always determined to strive for excellence in order to save the planet, Kieran decided to become an entrepreneur to pursue solving vital problems that threaten humanity. It’s through this incredible work, that he’s become recognised as an important innovator and operator in the ClimateTech space. From featuring on national television, to advising like minded founders and delivering talks all around the world – he is determined to succeed.

From a young age, Kieran White has explored his passion with drive. Notably, through a high school technology project, featuring an up-cycled storage system created from a washing machine drum. Which was built around a business plan for large scale repurposing of old products. Subsequently, his work was considered for numerous design awards and formed the basis of a startup that he pitched for Elon Musk’s team at the age of 19.

As a result, Kieran decided against pursuing formal higher education. Fueled by the belief that in 2021, education at a later stage than high school is rarely needed to solve a meaningful problem. Instead, valuing the ability to become hyper focused and learn a chosen subject matter inside and out – delivered in a TEDx talk by Kieran that you can find here – This is one of the attributes that Kieran described is behind his early success.

Since deciding to step away from Tesla, Kieran White has continued his work in sustainability by working to fix the broken recycling system with a startup called Lasso Loop Recycling. At Lasso Loop, Kieran, Aldous Hicks and the team are building a recycling appliance for the home that ensures all used materials are kept completely pure and subsequently valuable, of which will be returned directly to the customer. This process turns the recycling industry completely on its head, by returning the power and control back to consumers. The innovative business model, will in Kieran’s words “start the recycling war”.

In a direct quote, Kieran White describes Lasso Loop’s approach as “The catalyst for truly sustainable recycling.” Continuing to state “Many recycling companies are currently heavily reliant on the government for financial support towards their elderly system that hasn’t changed for 40 years. Because of this, recycling has historically been a walled garden protected by legislation and promises of change. It’s about time we made recycling competitive, by starting the industry war that will birth a sustainable process for our planet. Fueled by a necessity to compete for individual households’ business with convenience and financial incentives. The future of recycling is B2C. It’s a very exciting time!”

In the future, Kieran plans to continue to work on solutions to vital problems in sustainability, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Believing there could be a mutually beneficial intersection between all three. This highly motivated and capable thought leader wants to simply be of value – both to others and the world, as he continues to strive to change the world for the better.

You can learn more about Kieran White and Lasso Loop here:

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