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In response to customers' desires for gentle sleep support, Brookside CBD offers a range of products with CBD.

Wow....super impressive! I have not slept as good as I have the past week after visiting Brookside CBD in years. I will be ordering online when I am not in my home. Highly Recommended!”— Kristie Cramer

KODAK, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 / -- CBD manufacturers are adding natural sleep-promoting ingredients to CBD products. They're satisfying the demand for non-prescription sleep aids because of how common it is that people buy them in pursuit of a better night's rest.

CBD manufacturers are looking for ways to meet the ever-increasing demand of people wanting non-prescription sleep aids. This has led them to produce CBD products with natural ingredients that promote better sleep quality, including melatonin and GABA.

CBD users are most likely seeking to improve their sleep with CBD products. A study released in February of 2021 provides insight into the motivations of CBD users, who make up a large percentage - 43 percent-to be exact-of current or past consumers looking for improved sleep benefits. Using a sample size 387 participants, researchers found that 65% reported noticeable improvements in their quality and length of slumber after using these products.

CBD products for sleep support are designed to help consumers who struggle with falling and staying asleep. CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants that has been known to have anti-anxiety effects, but it can also promote relaxation. When paired with other ingredients like lemon balm or valerian root which relax the central nervous system as well as chamomile tea GABA these products will be beneficial calming your body down so you may fall into a restorative slumber at night.

While CBD has been found to have a calming impact on the central nervous system, CBD products geared toward helping people suffering from insomnia come on the market every day making it difficult for those looking for quality effective options.

"If you’re a beginner who is new to CBD, start with flavorless CBD oils or CBD gummies for sleep," Kelly Snyder, the owner and pharmacist at Brookside CBD said. He also highlights the importance of being vigilant about dosage and suggests that customers should take time to look for products that contain ingredients that work together to create a more restful and relaxed sense of being.

Snyder noted he is a pharmacist whose main goal is to help customers.

You should start with low doses, advises Kelly Snyder. Then you can work your way up to more potent CBD products that provide specific results depending on the customer's tolerance levels and individual needs. Lastly, if considering natural sleep aids containing CBD it is advised to speak with a doctor about potential benefits before making any decisions or changes.

Kelly Snyder has created an online store where customers can purchase CBD products for sleep support. It contains clear labeling regarding ingredients and dosages, as well as a variety of other supplements to choose from that contain natural ingredients known to provide sleep support such as 5-HTP, ashwagandha, chamomile GABA L-glycine L-theanine lemon balm passion flower valerian root terpenes melatonin , and essential vitamins .


BrooksideCBD Wellness Center is managed and owned by pharmacist itself. Founded in Tennessee, Brookside CBD wellness center is an online resource for people looking for affordable, high-quality CBD wellness products. Designed to be an educational resource for customers looking to find CBD products tailored to their needs, the retailer offers product transparency, customer-focused service and special discounts. All products sold by BrooksideCBD pass stringent requirements for testing and certification from third-party labs.

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