Themis Ecosystem™ is an Innovative, Future-Oriented and Multi-Layer Solution, “Aiming to Disrupt the Industry and Raise Environmental Standards”

Themis Ecosystem™ is an Innovative, Future-Oriented and Multi-Layer Solution, "Aiming to Disrupt the Industry and Raise Environmental Standards"Roberto Hroval, the founder of Project Phoenix8 and the Themis Ecosystem™, wanted to create a "fair green deal for all." He "packed" products and CO2 negativity into special e-vouchers and offered them to the market. The founder Roberto Hroval explains the background of a US$22 billion project Themis Ecosystem™. It enables excellent and proven projects to digitalize their products, gives the community opportunity to participate, and cleans the environment at the same time.

"Great projects are still reserved for big investors, banks, and financial institutions," says Hroval. "Only when the project hits a certain level, the market can jump in. But at that time is often too late. The biggest profits have been made already.”

The other thing that bothers the founder is “morality that bows to fat wallets.” He said it is not fair that money is a deciding factor in choosing project participants. “Rich ones get richer and the majority of population… Well, they are forgotten. I was thinking for years about how to improve this model to be fairer and how to bring environmental standards to a new level.”

The third key area he is passionate about is green life and the preservation of the planet. He thinks that it is not fair that great projects don’t get support just because they are not big or well-known enough. “There are some really good projects almost nobody knows about. Now, we would like to support them and introduce them to the market.”

Roberto Hroval especially expressed that projects have to meet three key criteria. First, they must have passed the “proof of concept” stage. Or, even better, the “proof of work” phase. Second, they must bring high value to the market. Their solutions must be future-oriented and must serve the market for the next few decades at least. And third, they must be CO2 emissions-negative and run on modern, clean power.

The serial entrepreneur, mostly known for his innovative solutions for green energy, uses the out-of-the-box approach. He created special “e-vouchers with a twist.” Instead of buying companies’ products directly, the supporter can buy an e-voucher that represents the product.

“But there’s a twist,” he explained. “These e-vouchers – we call them Industrial Tokens™ or iTos™ – consist of two components. The first represents the final products and the second represents the carbon footprint neutrality of the project. By buying iTo™, you get a proportional part of goods and proportional part – or volume – of carbon footprint neutrality that the project creates.”

For this purpose, the team was forced to develop special algorithms and the two completely new factors. They represent the real value of CO2 reduction. The first one, Global Environmental Coherence factor™, determines the global level of CO2 reduction. The second one, Personal Environmental Coherence factor™, shows how much the iTo™ holders have become CO2 neutral – by buying Industrial Tokens™ alone.

The place where these e-vouchers will be traded is called Online Industrial Exchange™ or OIX™. “The exchange is auction-based,” Hroval explains. “The holder of Industrial Tokens™ can announce he or she is willing to sell them and waits for the offers. If the seller and the buyer agree upon the price, the transaction is made. In a very safe environment, of course.”

He also explains that more and more people, especially millennials and generation Z, would like to participate in projects they strongly believe in. “They want to support them since it resonates with their view of the future world. The Themis Ecosystem™ provides a clever solution to traditional businesses. For example, the first project to be listed on OIX™ would be our Project Phoenix8™ that creates green electricity out of waste. So the buyer of PP8 iTo™ will boost carbon neutrality and help remove plastics and used tires from the planet.”

The founder emphasizes that the buyer could be anyone, not just an accredited investor or financial institution. “This is a fair, green deal for all. And this is how it should be – everyone with great intentions should be able to participate in projects he or she believes in. I advocate this approach wholeheartedly. That’s why we invested more than US$12 million in creating the Themis Ecosystem™ and its digital environment alone.”

The Themis Ecosystem™ is, according to some experts, “aiming to disrupt the industry and raise environmental standards.” The platform is currently under severe testing and will go live in Q4 2021.

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