A First of its Kind Music Rights NFT SaaS Platform - Metaverse on The Blockchain

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Aiming to change transparency in the music industry, a decentralized approach for musicsync licensing, sample clearance, music streaming and downloads with royalty collection tools is coming.

Los Angeles, California Nov 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - A United States-based music Blockchain tech company is trying to change how the music industry transacts and provides transparency by introducing a new music Blockchain SaaS (Software as a Service) ecosystem--powered by Blockchain Smart Contracts/NFTs, AI/Machine Learning, and a Metaverse.

Conceived in 2016, Audiochain, a soon to rise Dapp (decentralized app) has quietly and carefully been engineering tools that will allow music creators to have a platform to self-manage (on a peer-to-peer protocol) their music sync licenses, sample clearance, royalty collection, music rights management, music streaming/downloadable NFT's and a future music Metaverse- giving the power back to music creators.

In addition to aiding music creators, Audiochain will also provide tools for businesses such as music supervisors, gaming companies, advertising companies, and others alike, to have direct access to pre-cleared music sync licenses with key metadata tools such as the first of its kind Music Rights Master NFT for faster and more secure transactions with proof of authenticity and rights ownership. To add, the ecosystem will have the ability to onboard all music creators by pre-clearing and verifying all copyrighted songs with tools to detect duplications and fraudulent activity with the power of AI/Machine Learning.

Audiochain's Metaverse will welcome its genesis city after the first official beta launch which will provide a virtual world for all-things music entertainment, fashion, dance, concerts, social gatherings, virtual music stores, and the ability to teleport from one Metaverse to another via virtual wormholes. Purchasing plots of real estate land will be a key factor to Audiochain's up-and-coming Metaverse for those who would like to build their own spaces via tokenization of all Metaverse digital assets.

The Audiochain platform will also provide music listeners the choice to purchase NFT's that will unlock music streaming or downloads while discovering new and pre-existing artists. These NFT's will also unlock different experiences in which music listeners can engage with artists and gain incentives with Audiochain's unique InPromo tools (which have been engineered for brand ambassadors and influencers). This will usher in a new way to have listeners and fans become the record label. To add, the platform will provide tools for creators who will be minted on the platform with the control to opt a song in or out to be "royalty-free" or via a "subscription-based" model. Music producers will have the ability to provide stems as NFT's for easy access to sync placement files as well as creators who may do voice-over work and on-demand jingles for potential business clients.

Audiochain's founder, Paula Reina, explains, "In 2014, I was simply trying to upgrade my website to be able to have peer-to-peer music licensing. I was brainstorming how to build it the way I envisioned and accidentally found Blockchain," She adds, "In the process, I went into a rabbit hole and realized Blockchain was the answer. Not only for what I needed it for, but to potentially scale and upgrade an entire music industry, and others. That's when the idea of Audiochain was born."
Reina, born in El Salvador which is also the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender, was raised and grew up in San Francisco, CA.

She is currently consulting other innovative companies such as BITS (the first dance emotes NFT platform), MOOZIQ (the first production company soon to be powered by Audiochain's API's), luxury real estate companies such as The Mora Silicon Valley Mansion on NFT's and assisting with business partnerships growth at TRON and its newly acquired subsidiary BitTorrent.

In addition to the creation of Audiochain, Reina also founded Proliphiq, a tech and marketing innovations company which she introduced in 2013 and has worked for record labels such a Def Jam Records, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, and the pop-culture 80s and 90s company, The Musicland Group.

Along with Audiochain's founder, the executive team and management positions are mostly held by
women, a very different make-up in today's tech industry. Chief Governance Officer- Khela Trousdale, Chief Technology Officer- Sira Toure, and HR Manager- Erika Ruiz. The male team members within Audiochain help achieve the goals set by these ambitious women and bring about the utmost balance to this tech startup.

With a wait-list currently open for beta testers as of April 2nd, 2021, Audiochain will go live in private beta in 2022. To learn more about Audiochain, please visit www.audiochain.io.\


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