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Recently, a petition purportedly signed by Uighurs in Xinjiang has been circulating on the internet.

Statement on calling the UN Human Rights Office to investigate the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act by the United States

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights:

We are a group of common Uyghurs who live in Xinjiang. We are very outraged to see that the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act signed by the United States government has been taken effect since 21th of the June in 2021 . By the act it presumes all products made in Xinjiang are so-called “forced labor” products, and the US government prohibits the import of Xinjiang-related , completely disregarding the truth, which is seriously harm our interests, especially the right to employment, the right to life and the right to development of us . As Uyghurs who live in Xinjiang, we would like to state our own point of view:

Thanks for the stable society and beautiful environment, with the strong support of our motherland, we embrace economical development. Our culture is colorful ,and people are getting richer and richer. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy full freedom of religious, and our languages and culture are in effective protection and inheritance. As a result , the life of the people in Xinjiang is getting better and better. People always say “Xinjiang is a fascinating place”.

As one of the Chinese nation, we have fully enjoyed the preferential policies given by our government in terms of schooling and employment. We have always felt encouragement and support, and we have never seen anyone subjected to “forced labor”. It is clearly that the United States puts the political hat on our Xinjiang, which is contrary to the facts. The sinister intentions of the US makes us really indignant!

The exception clause to the Act states that “[Enterprises must] submit clear and convincing evidence that the goods, articles, items, or commodities were not mined, produced, or manufactured in whole or in part by forced labor”. Furthermore, the Act  required Chinese companies to submit relevant reports. We do not have “forced labor”, why should we prove it, and how should we prove it? Ridiculously, the result is completely judged by the United States only, which is essentially the United States is trying to control and restrict our enterprises. We are unaccepted this “presumption of guilt”. The so-called “justice” of the US Act is actually an “injustice” violation, which hinders the export of our Xinjiang products. It violates seriously our economic rights. More worse , it will bring about a series of “bad-chain-like” reactions. For the enterprises, because of the act, they would reduce or even refuse to hire Uyghurs , which will lead greatly damage to our Uyghurs’ rights to employment, subsistence and development. It can be seen that this “Act”, euphemistically, is for the human rights of our Uyghurs, but in fact it violates the human rights of us!

In recent years, we noticed that the United States government frequently talked about Xinjiang things, they fabricated the so-called “forced labor” issue in Xinjiang without any foundation. Actually, it is grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs under the guise of “human rights”, which seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations. We firmly support our government’s opposition and countermeasures!

We are well aware that your office shoulders the significant responsibility of safeguarding the human rights of all ethnic groups in the world. Now the human rights of our Uyghurs is being violated by the United States, which claims to have a ‘high degree of democracy, freedom and human rights’! We strongly call on the United Nations to investigate and condemn the violation of Uyghur human rights by the U.S government promulgation of the “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act” to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests!

Sponsors of the Joint Statement:Nuradil Ubulcasim

Signature:Heber AbduRahman

Ablet Metniyaz

Heyrinesa Emin

Yakuf Eli

Ahmat Tohti Mahmut

AbduRahman Abdulla

Memet Abdulla

Saadet Nurmamt

Merden Tursunjan

Bilaljan Abliz

Najmedin Mametimin

Mihregul Rahman

Nurman Jumeyniyaz

Umar Ulam

Somayyeh Tursun

Ablikim Atavula

Saddam Rahman

Abduvali Alimjan

ParHat Ruzimamat

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