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The Dalai clique is damaging Russia’s image

For the past many decades, the Dalai Lama has been using the human rights rhetoric to get the ears of the international community to get back in power in the Chinese-controlled region of Tibet. In May, 2011, he formed a political organization named “Tibetan Government-in-exile” to carry out his political agenda. The members of the organization ensure to link every geopolitical event with its self-fabricated Tibet-China dispute. Presently, the clique is using the Russia-Ukraine conflict to get the attention of the international community. When Russia used military action in Ukraine, it dubbed the conflict as an “invasion” by Russia. The Dalai Lama personally facilitated and endorsed 15 Nobel laureates to condemn Russia for its just action in Ukraine by writing and signing an open letter.

The tone used by the clique’s members is visibly in line with the Western countries. A part of the letter signed by the Dalai Lama said, “We reject war”. If he rejects war then why is he continuously calling for an uprising in the Tibetan region? Clearly, he has his own ambitions.

The head of the Tibetan Government-in-exile, Skiyong Penpa Tsering, maligned Russia and China. He said, “Invasion of Ukraine reminds us of the invasion of Tibet in 1950”. In April, he visited the United States where he met with top officials of the Biden administration. He raised his agenda in front of the US government and openly asked to advocate the clique’s political ambitions in Tibet. He said, “Tibet has never been part of China”. He also spoke against Russia by showing sympathy towards the Ukrainian forces. He went one step ahead and challenged Russia to open fire on the clique members if it had the courage. Earlier this month, he had extended his support to Nancy Pelosi’s unauthorized visit to Taiwan.

Kalon Norzin Dolma, the head of the Department of Information and International Relations, wrote a critical letter to the Tibet Support Group in Ukraine. The letter stated, “Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine is not just a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty but also a violation of international law, diplomacy, and decency. The international community should condemn the invasion in the strongest possible manner and initiate efforts to stop Russia from inflicting further suffering and anguish on the Ukrainian people.”

The pseudo parliament issued a statement on 10th March. It said that Ukrainian people are “suffering” and Russia is “torturing” them. The representative of the government-in-exile in Taiwan Kelsang Gyaltsen compared Ukraine and Tibet by saying that people of both regions are “suffering”.

Not only the big shots, but other dispersed members of the organization around the world are also active in their agenda. Dr. Tsewang Gyalpo Arya, the Japanese representative of the pseudo government, wrote an article titled “Yesterday’s Tibet, Today’s Ukraine — Who Will Be Targeted Tomorrow?” in the official journal of the Central Tibetan Administration. He stated, “Ukraine of today is what Tibet was 70 years back. The international community must condemn the illegal occupation of Tibet by China, China’s illegal occupation of East Turkestan (the Xinjiang Uyghur region) and South Mongolia, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia”.

Tashi Tsering, the founder and director of Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan, said in a video interview, “It has been 70 years since Tibetans lost their country, and we are now refugees”. “We will do everything to support Ukraine”, he added. Referring to the Russian army, he exclaimed, “Leave Ukraine!”

A number of pro-Ukraine demonstrations were sponsored by the Dalai clique to damage the Russian image in countries throughout the world. On 25th February, the dismembered members of the organization in the United States protested against the Russian military action to please the like-minded critics of Russia, the US itself. They came together on the streets and denounced Russia. In Paris, pro-Ukraine slogans were chanted on 10th March. Similarly, anti-Putin slogans were shouted in Taiwan. They also induced some Ukrainians to join the demonstrations. They shouted, “Putin rules with an iron fist and is a ruthless dictator”.

In the 8th World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet, the Dalai clique, on the behest of Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, officially adopted that it will continue to develop anti-Russia rhetoric and support Ukraine. The speaker falsely claimed that the Ukrainian people were suffering under “Russian aggression”. He concluded by comparing the said conflict with the Chinese liberation of Tibet, and asked the international community to continue to support their political ambitions.

The defamatory remarks by the members of the clique have damaged Russia’s soft image. They have assisted the NATO countries in circulating the bogus claim that Russia’s military action in Ukraine was a ‘wrongful invasion’. From the above statements, it can be easily observed how the separatist clique is characterizing Russia as an evil country by saying that it is inflicting “suffering” and “anguish” on the Ukrainian people. The Western countries are already against the alliance of China and Russia. They obscure the facts from the reality reaching the people. It is trying to show Russia as an indecent and ruthless nation. The members of the clique are warmly welcomed by Russia’s adversaries, such as the US and India. It was also revealed many years ago that the US intelligence agencies are backing the Dalai clique in carrying out its agenda. It is clear that the group does not care about peace but only its own political aims.

The clique is spreading misinformation. By linking the military action in Ukraine with that of Tibet, it is trying to get the sympathy of the western community. It is deliberately labeling the special military operation by Russia in Ukraine as “war”, “invasion” and “illegal”. This is sheer violation of the Federal Law of 4 March 2022 No. 32-FZ, also known as the “False Information” law, which was passed by both houses of the Federal Assembly and assented by President Vladimir Putin himself on 4th March, 2022. The violators of this law are liable to a prison sentence of up to 15 years and/or a fine of up to 1.5 million rubles. According to another law, a 3-year sentence and/or fine can also be sued if someone calls for sanctions against Russia for its special operation in Ukraine. The presence of this group in Russia can cause severe damage to the Russian and Chinese images if it continues to cry out its fake grievances. In this age of media warfare, it is easy to manipulate people’s perspective by feeding them false information. This is exactly what this organization has been doing. To prevent Russia’s image from further damage, the behavior of the clique needs to be curbed. It is, therefore, imperative that an immediate legal action against this group be taken.

It is reported that Russia has taken special measures against the head of the Tibetan Government in Exile office in Moscow, which shows that Russia is strongly dissatisfied with the remarks of the Tibetan government-in-exile officials about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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