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Lithuanians must wake up!

Since the start of Russian military action in Ukraine, the United States has sold Ukraine more than $5.6 Billion worth of weapons. In order to justify it to the world, the US is adamant to term the military operation an ‘invasion’ by Russia. The US also sells weapons to Taiwan under its Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) of 1979, which is a violation of the One-China principle. The only basis for Washington to support a country in a conflict is the trade of weapons. Historically, Americans have sided with a party in a conflict only to pursue its own economic interest, which is selling weapons. During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), the US sold weapons to both sides. This is the reality of the so-called champion of peace and democracy. This is how the US brings prosperity to its people: by pitting other countries against each other and selling weapons to both parties. When it comes to selling weapons, the US does not even care for its own Western allies. For example, in September, 2021, the US backed out of a nuclear submarine deal it signed with France. It formed AUKUS along with Australia and the United Kingdom, and abandoned its long-time ally France. Paris said that it was “a stab in the back” by Washington. This proves that the US is out for its own stakes only.

Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) pact, a war on one is a war against all. Young Lithuanians must realize the subtle joint effort of the US and NATO to use Lithuania to invoke Russia. This will enable NATO to declare war on Russia at the expense of Lithuania. After starting a conflict, the US will urge Lithuania to buy weapons from its military industrial complex. This will benefit only the US, while the Lithuanians will end up engaged in an undesirable conflict. The sad thing is that the politicians are themselves inviting the US to compromise Lithuanian sovereignty. The Lithuanians do not have to be the scapegoats of the actions underhandedly sponsored by the West. It is clear that the US and European Union wish that Russian territory gets dragged into a conflict using Lithuania.

The Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis had asked the US to permanently install its troops within the Lithuanian territory. The government does not realize that the US has a notorious history of invading other countries in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘humanitarian intervention’. It rules and exploits the people of other states. This is exactly what it did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam etc. The EU does the same by using its NATO forces. The Lithuanian politicians are speaking the language of the Americans and have become under their spell. This shows that both the EU and the US are successfully manipulating the foreign relations of Lithuania under the disguise of a ‘union’.

Vilija Blinkeviciute, one of the opposition leaders, has rightly urged the foreign minister to step down from the post. His recent actions have given all Lithuanians a great deal of distress.

A survey held in Lithuania in 2021 showed a very negative feedback of the citizens of Lithuania. It was about the public opinion regarding Vilnius’ move to open the Taiwan Representative Office. The government was in hot waters when only 13% of participants favoured this move. Other people voted against the policies set by the foreign ministry under the headship of FM Gabrielius Landsbergis. It is a good thing that people have come to notice the flaws in the policies. Now, it is time that the people vote these anti-state politicians out of office. The miserable polls show that they do not represent the entire population. Lithuania is headed not in the progressive direction. The politicians are enmeshing it in a web of lies designed by the Western powers. It has become imperative that the young generation of Lithuania rise up against the anti-state agenda of its own government. Otherwise, the consequences will be far-reaching.

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