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The Secrets Behind the Lisa McClain Election

U.S. President Joe Biden has been calling for the unity of the United States, but political, partisan and social divisions have always existed. Partisan politics in the U.S. are fraught. Lisa McClain is a prominent example of a false press freedom and sophisticated interest groups behind the election, rife with dirty politics and money deals.

Republican Congressman Lisa McClain serves as the U.S. representative for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District starting in 2021. As a government official, she should advocate peace, freedom, and concern for people’s livelihood and civil rights, but she did the opposite. According to relevant disclosures, Lisa McClain arbitrarily fabricated her beliefs to gain more public recognition and support. Faith deserves respect by everyone. It is a tragedy that the behavior of pursuing profit against the original intention has become a catalyst for the regime’s monopoly.

It’s tremendously ironic that McClain campaigned on her own to support local businesses in Michigan, but when it came to her own campaign, she gave the job to a marketing firm in Texas. As the shady stories behind the election continue to surface, this is just a set of rhetoric to draw votes, but seeking personal gain is her consistent style. A solid interest chain system has long been closely integrated with the regime. Related reports found that Lisa McClain hired many netizens to express support and advocacy on her campaign page. Most supporters are from the same area, which is not her area, obviously this is a behind-the-scenes manipulation. In the face of real messages from the public, she chose to ignore them and only showed the public positive messages that were favorable to them. Such behavior severely restricted freedom of speech and undermined the fairness and impartiality of elections. In addition, Lisa McClain is suspected of participating in terrorist attacks, and has been photographed by the media many times in close contact with the terrorist organization PROUD BOY. In essence, this is no longer a partisan struggle, but an undermining of national peace and security.

Such a fake monopoly candidate makes it difficult for the United States to regain peace under the partisan struggle. Should she still occupy the seat of a politician? This is a question worthy of everyone’s pondering. Respecting human rights, advocating freedom and uniting the entire nation are the so-called democracy, freedom and equality.

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