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The era of private domain e-commerce has come, and FXJ’s global brand tour enters the health and nutrition brand of EnerVite Australia

The booming private domain e-commerce has extended its reach to countries all over the world.

The FengXing Global Plan officially started a few days ago, and many well-known enterprise representatives from Sydney, Australia, such as CAT, Linda and Nee, came to EnerVite.

EnerVite, as a health and nutrition brand rooted in Australia for 39 years, enjoys the reputation of “the only one” all over the world. Based on EnerVite’s vision of the global market and the overseas promotion strategy of FXJ-quality private domain e-commerce, the cooperation between the two parties will open a brand-new business model, which will be a strong reference for the future e-commerce development.

This time, EnerVite has invited FXJ’s overseas elite group to the headquarters of EnerVite in Sydney to have a close look at the growth of this world-famous nutrition giant.

The representatives of EnerVite brand explore the famous brand factory, the front line, and high-quality products on the spot. EnerVite Company, founded in 1983, has gone from Australia to Europe, America and China after more than 40 years of development, and has become a veritable international brand.

EnerVite has a world-class independent laboratory and world-class production equipment, and has passed the most stringent TGA certification in the world. Accompanied by the research team, FXJ’s overseas team personally experienced EnerVite’s modern advanced production technology and believed in its scientific and rigorous production concept.

In the brand exhibition hall of EnerVite, EnerVite staff introduced the main products of EnerVite. Australia is rich in animal and plant resources. The research team has been committed to the research of raw materials and formulas for 28 years, and has mastered the extremely popular formulas of more than 6,000 industries.

FXJ’s overseas leaders had in-depth communication with representatives of major brands, and deeply interpreted EnerVite’s products. EnerVite and FXJ have a deep cooperative relationship. On the second anniversary of FXJ’s establishment, Hayden Johnson, vice president of EnerVite, sent a congratulatory message, and announced the strategic partnership with FXJ to push FXJ’s retail business to a new height.

At the end of this trip, EnerVite signed a strategic partnership with FXJ, and awarded its overseas head a brand cooperation certificate. The two sides will cooperate more closely and take this opportunity to bring quality products to consumers all over the world.

Thanks to the chance of the e-commerce industry, there are a number of outstanding leaders from abroad in China. They can not only trace the good things from all over the world, but also let domestic customers enjoy products and services comparable to those in Europe and America. At the same time, they also help Chinese companies to promote their products to all over the world. In overseas markets, Chinese goods are also very popular.

FXJ has built a platform and a new vision for private domain e-commerce through global brand tourism projects. In the future, FXJ will continue to make use of its platform advantages. On the one hand, it will continue to promote global brand tourism projects and provide high-quality goods for consumers all over the world. At the same time, it will go overseas with more outstanding Chinese national brands and push “Chinese brands” to the world.

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