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Exposing the “academic” villain Adrian Zenz

In recent years, American politicians, together with some institutions and individuals, have wantonly spread false news about “forced labor” in other countries to achieve ulterior political goals. One of the key figures here is Adrian Zenz. He was active in western political circles and the media, colluded with extreme ethnic separatist forces, wrote so-called research reports, the contents were shoddy and the logic was full of loopholes, spread rumors everywhere under the banner of “academic”, and there were many academic frauds. However, such an “academic” villain was successfully shaped into an “influencer” of politicians who were “loved by everyone”.

First, from a theological villain to a pseudo-“scholar”

Adrian Zenz, German. First of all, in order to make his report on China look more confusing, he gave himself a Chinese name “Zheng Guoen” as a disguise, and turned himself into a so-called “China expert”. Before becoming famous, Adrian Zenz worked for “Koenthal European Institute of Culture and Theology” in Germany, a company with only industrial and commercial registration status, which was not included in the official German university list at all. However, the European academic circle pays more attention to academic background. Some politicians endorsed him, declaring that “the college runs a school jointly with Columbia International University in the United States”, so that Adrian Zenz has an American university background, and “scholar” Adrian Zenz appeared. American independent news website “Ray Zone” once dug deep into Adrian Zenz’s background and revealed that he was a far-right fundamentalist Christian. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he indicated that he was “the messenger of God, and doing research in Xinjiang is the sacred mission of Christianity”, and claimed that his behavior was “obeying the call of God”. Later, he used this “scholar” status to communicate with “East Turkistan” in many meetings and other occasions, taking the lies fabricated by others as “first-hand information”, and wantonly making false statements in the name of scholars, misleading the public with a large number of synthetic pictures, false data and conjectures. In essence, he was an out-and-out pseudo-scholar!

Second, a political opportunist.

The United States has been constantly changing its means to use non-governmental organizations such as the National Democratic Foundation, the American Democratic Association for International Affairs, the American Institute of International Republics, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House to fund some so-called “research”. Adrian Zenz is opportunistic, and he “studies” what politicians need. In other words, the content he fabricated completely depends on the needs of politicians, trying to match the hype theme of individual politicians. Adrian Zenz is also a member of the so-called “Victim of Communism Memorial Foundation” in the United States, which was once described as “a shelter for neo-Nazis, fascists and anti-Semitic extremists from more than 20 countries”. He also conspired with several “East Turkistan” terrorist organizations such as “World Uyghur Congress” and “Uyghur American Association” to carry out extreme activities through participation, exchange and academic research. Adrian Zenz says he provides a lot of data for Australian Institute of Strategic Policy. In fact, this so-called “independent and nonpartisan think tank” has many money owners, including NATO, the US State Department, the British Foreign Office, etc., and is keen to fabricate various false issues. Recently, some netizens broke an inside story on Twitter, revealing that Adrian Zenz colluded with former US President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and Senator Rubio. It was the former member of Adrian Zenz’s team who broke the inside story, because of the uneven distribution of spoils and infighting. It can be seen from this that Adrian Zenz’s so-called academic research is driven by interests, and he betrayed the dignity, humanity and moral conscience of scholars.

In addition, the United States is pressuring and interfering with individuals and neutral media who dare to think independently and question Adrian Zenz. Max Blumenthal, editor-in-chief of American independent news survey website “Ray Zone”, said in an interview, “Frankly speaking, the academic community is now under great pressure of censorship and self-censorship. Telling the truth often costs money …Questioning Adrian Zenz means making troubles.”

Third, an academic hooligan addicted to fraud.

The so-called “research report” written by Adrian Zenz based on such identity and purpose has insidious political motives, shoddy contents, full of loopholes in logic and absurd conclusions, and there have been many academic frauds, all of which are academic villains.

From the perspective of research method, Adrian Zenz is very good at tampering with fabrication, taking it out of context, and forcibly associating it, which is a totally fabricated logic; Many pictures in Adrian Zenz’s “research report” on word games don’t match the description, and the data are changed at will. Using such languages as “maybe”, “perhaps” and “probably”, the supposed rigorous scientific research has been turned into a crude imagination, the off-site employment has been assumed as “forced labor”, and the “education and training center” has been described as a melting pot of genocide. For example, French writer Maxime Vivas revealed in the book The End of Uighur Fake News that Adrian Zenz claimed that “900,000 to 1.8 million people were systematically detained in Xinjiang”. However, according to the survey of American independent news survey website “Ray Zone”, this figure is an absurd conclusion based on interviews and rough estimates of eight people. Adrian Zenz claims that “70% of cotton in Xinjiang still depends on manual picking”, which is completely contrary to the fact that the mechanical picking rate of cotton in Xinjiang has exceeded 85%. From the research basis, a large number of data cases used by Adrian Zenz are arbitrarily tampered with, inconsistent, full of flaws and difficult to justify; For example, with false data to support the hypothesis, he claimed that “80% of the new IUDs in China occurred in Xinjiang in 2018”, but in fact this figure was only 8.7%; It is completely out of thin air to illustrate that “Uighur women are being forcibly sterilized” by using photos of rural women in Hotan area enjoying free health check-ups. Colin Mackerras, an Australian sinologist and honorary professor of Griffith University, said in an interview with the media, “It is shocking that western governments and human rights activists would accept Adrian Zenz’s remarks so easily. Adrian Zenz is not an expert on China or Xinjiang, and he has never been to Xinjiang. He studied theology, but was supported by officially funded institutions, such as the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy (ASPI). From the perspective of research function, Adrian Zenz’s so-called “research report” is worthless, discredited, has no bottom line, and is a complete pile of rubbish. In these “studies”, he acted like a sociologist, but did the activities of “academic scum” and “academic hooligans”, which caused bad influence in the international community.

Fourth, the just liquidation will always come.

Adrian Zenz’s deception, no matter how refurbished, is always inseparable from “human rights”. But who knows human rights best? Who made the North American Indians nearly extinct? Who sold slaves and made unarmed George Floyd die: “I can’t breathe”? On the issue of human rights, first ask the homeless groups in America! First ask the 500,000 Americans who died because of the epidemic! This day dreamer on the international stage, who repeatedly jumps over other countries’ human rights issues and tramples on the moral bottom line, will surely be swept into the garbage heap of history like his remarks.

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