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Goodwin Law Group, PLLC Committed to Defending DUI Clients in Las Vegas

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Goodwin Law Group, PLLC, is helmed by its managing partner and DUI attorney, Charles Godwin, whose enthusiasm for representing DUI clients in Las Vegas, Nevada, has notably produced favorable verdicts. The firm is built on the principle of upholding the dignity of humanity and is known for its determination to ensure clients are treated fairly regardless of the allegations made against them.

Most drivers who have been arrested and found guilty of Driving Under the Influence understand the gravity of the situation. This singular offense can lead to several consequences for the offender. The penalties depend on factors including the severity of the damages caused and whether it is the driver’s first offense. 

Any offenders in this situation need an experienced DUI attorney by their side to provide quality legal advice. Hiring a good lawyer could be the difference between a jail term or a hefty fine, and getting off with a light sentence. DUI drivers in Las Vegas have the Goodwin Law Group, PLLC - DUI Lawyer, Charles Goodwin, to call upon when the need arises. 

This criminal defense attorney has been providing competent legal representation to DUI drivers in Las Vegas, Henderson, and its environs for many years with positive results. 

DUI is a driving-related offense that occurs when an individual is driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any variety of drugs. When the conduct and actions of a person behind the wheel are considered dangerous to other road users, law enforcement agents have the right to place them under arrest. 

A driver who has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving may be asked to undergo a field sobriety test, which may include walking in a straight line, reading the alphabet backward, or balancing on one foot to be considered not driving under the influence. Drivers who fail the tests are arrested and driven to a police station to be processed. 

Some offenders are granted bail, while others may not be so lucky and would have to stay in jail until a judge grants their release. A person caught driving under the influence is not let off the hook easily, even if they are first-timers and would be issued a ticket and, at times, be expected to appear in court.

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A DUI driver should not wait until the last minute to contact a competent DUI lawyer like Charles Goodwin of Goodwin Law Group, PLLC. Failure to do so may result in the offender facing consequences that include suspension of driving license, a fine, probation, jail time, bearing the additional cost to obtain SR–22 insurance policy, and having to install costly Ignition Interlock Devices in their vehicle. A DUI driver who damages property or puts the life of a child in danger will often face a severe charge. Therefore, if a plea bargain cannot be reached, it is essential that once hired, the attorney thoroughly investigates every aspect of the event that led to the arrest and identifies weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. This could mean uncovering evidence that creates doubt should a client be convicted.

For offenders found guilty of DUI, employing the service of a competent defense attorney like Goodwin Law Group could be the ticket out of lengthy probation or driver's license suspension — a proven and skilled attorney who will build a credible case for defense. 

About the Firm: 

Goodwin Law Group, PLLC is a Las Vegas-based law firm enthusiastic about relieving the burden of DUI clients and guiding them through the invasive, traumatic and stressful process of a DUI charge. The Managing Partner, Charles Goodwin, is a criminal defense attorney passionate about the law and criminal justice system. The firm is true to its word: "when the toughest fight is ahead, we are on your side, we won't give up!"

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