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Krause Law, PLLC Helps Veterans Get Service-Related Disability Benefits They Deserve by Handling the Paperwork and Legal Work

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Krause Law, PLLC helps veterans get the disability benefits they are entitled to. The law firm is aware of the impediments that bureaucracy and red tape cause and knows how to combat these so that those who have served the country get the deserved benefits.

According to announcements released by Krause Law, PLLC - Veterans Disability Lawyers, the law firm is owned by a veteran who understands the struggles that ex-soldiers may have to face when dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Krause Law has the experience and qualifications to represent veterans who seek a fair resolution to their benefits-related issues. The law firm works hard to ensure that the paperwork is filed correctly and all legal obligations are met so that veterans can avail of funds they are entitled to for taking care of expenses. 

The VA department is a vast agency, and disabled veterans may not have the ability or information to get legitimate disability claims processed fast. 

The Krause Law, PLLC LinkedIn Profile shares greater insights into the law firm’s activities. 

Assessing disability for the appropriate compensation is a complex process. Veterans may find it confusing. Attorney Ben Krause of Krause Law, PLLC understands the issues around veterans' disabilities and is always prepared to answer clients' questions about the documentation process. 

The law firm does not shy away from aggressively representing clients for the benefits they deserve. It has made it a mission to help fully or partially disabled veterans get rightfully compensated. 

Veterans who wish to find out the compensation they are eligible for, the qualification criteria, the application process, appeal procedures, and steps to take when a claim is denied should contact this law firm. 

Krause Law, PLLC studies a client’s case to understand eligibility for Special Monthly Benefits that are paid in addition to regular VA disability compensation. These benefits cover loss of a hand or foot, loss of function of a hand or foot, paralysis, joint immobility, loss of vision, deafness, speech impediments, etc. 

Krause Law, PLLC, said, “When you apply for veterans’ disability benefits, the VA will use the evidence you submit and other records to determine what is known as your disability rating. This rating is expressed as a percentage and determines the level of compensation you might receive. If you have multiple disability ratings, the VA will use a complex calculation to determine your combined disability rating, which can determine your eligibility for monthly disability benefits and other VA benefits programs. 

A combined disability rating calculator on the VA website can help you figure out your combined disability rating. The percentages for each of your disability ratings are not simply added together. Instead, the VA uses what is known as the “whole person theory” to determine your combined disability rating. This is necessary to ensure that a veteran’s total VA disability rating doesn’t add up to more than 100%because a person can’t be more than 100% disabled.

Conditions that partially disabled you before you entered the military and were aggravated by your service will be rated at the percentage of your disability increased due to the aggravation. For example, if you were 10% disabled at the time, you entered the military. After your service, you are 30% disabled from the same condition made worse by your service, your rating for that particular disability would be 20%.”

About the Firm:

Krause Law PLLC offers legal services to US veterans on issues such as benefits, disability, discharge upgrades, etc. This veteran-owned law firm serves retired soldiers all over the United States. It fights for veterans' rights and uses its knowledge of how the Department of Veterans Affairs functions to help retired soldiers.  

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