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AMASS: Transforming the Online Trading Landscape

As online trading platforms like Robinhood continue to democratize investments for casual investors, the landscape is rapidly evolving to accommodate the demand for more specialized and user-friendly solutions. As the market continues to broaden, new trading platforms are emerging to cater to the needs of an increasingly diverse user base.

One such platform is AMASS, an all-in-one trading solution that offers a wide range of assets, and innovative products and services. By offering a simplified approach to the otherwise complex and risky world of trading, AMASS has caught the attention of retail traders who fear participating in the financial markets. With 24-hour trading capabilities, tight spreads, and a slew of innovative features, AMASS aims to deliver a refreshing and exciting experience for users.

A Wide Variety of Features

One of the platform’s most significant advantages is its multi-asset trading capabilities, allowing users to trade a wide variety of financial instruments, including stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Among the platform’s most-competitive offerings are Copy Trading (CT), Binary Options (BO), and Liquidity Pools (LP), which are designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its community.

In addition to its extensive range of tradable assets, AMASS provides a comprehensive suite of technical indicators that enable users to make informed decisions based on in-depth market analysis. The platform’s 24-hour trading feature allows users to take advantage of global market movements around the clock, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity. The ability to trade from anywhere and anytime, coupled with tight spreads and the flexibility to go long or short, further enhances the trading experience on the AMASS platform.

Enhancing its Competitiveness

The platform’s recent Copy Trading Competition saw participants showcasing impressive skills and strategies, with a 40% surge in user engagement and high return rates for its top performers. Winners have been added to the list of traders that users can copy trade, providing greater opportunities for those who are new.

In addition, the platform has also enhanced its offerings with two new liquidity pools – the Forex Euro 2 Pool and the Forex Pound 2 Pool. The addition of these new pools with differing ROI and time horizons compared to existing liquidity pools presents AMASS users with more options to diversify their trading strategies.

The Forex Pound 2 Pool is an advanced liquidity pool that offers seasoned traders the potential for high volatility and greater profits by leveraging key economic, political, and central bank updates. In contrast, the Forex Euro 2 Pool is more entry-level, making it perfect for newcomers seeking less volatility and exposure in their investments.

These liquidity pools are available to all AMASS users from launch, adding even more options and variety to the already vibrant AMASS ecosystem. Traders have the freedom to choose which pool they wish to invest in based on their individual strategies and preferences, offering a simple, customizable trading experience. Users with existing liquidity pool contracts can also choose to participate in the Forex Euro 2 Pool and Forex Pound 2 Pool, with no restrictions levied on existing contracts.

The platform also recently concluded its New User Experience Campaign that gave users who have completed their KYC verification, a $100 credit reward which they can activate over the course of 30 days to explore the platform’s Liquidity Pool offering. Next up, the platform will be launching a Deposit Bonus Campaign that will reward users who deposit at least $100 with a complimentary Trading Point package that can similarly be used in the platform’s Liquidity Pools.

A Little Something for Everyone

By offering a comprehensive trading platform with a wide range of features and exciting campaigns, AMASS is committed to addressing the diverse needs and demands of traders in the online trading landscape. As the industry continues to evolve with an increase in casual investors, platforms like AMASS are set to emerge as the preferred solutions for those seeking a distinctive, user-centric experience that prioritizes their needs and interests.


With its MT5 trading interface, AMASS offers a user-friendly platform with multi-asset trading support, advanced charting capabilities, improved latency, and a variety of order types. AMASS is committed to providing its clients with the best possible solutions for their trading needs.






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