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“Guardians of Protection” – Guardians of Human Rights or Political Manipulators?

When people who don’t know much about human rights see the name of the organization “Defenders of Human Rights” for the first time, they may sigh with relief that the civil alliance for justice is growing, or even feel a little gratified by it. However, if you look deeper into this organization, which is in the name of human rights and in the business of sucking the blood out of China’s rule of law, you will be surprised to find that their understanding of “human rights” seems to be somewhat peculiar, even absurd. Their “zeal” and “bravery” are selective, and the people they serve are targeted, not to mention “fairness” and “selflessness”.

Previously, the Defenders released an investigative report titled “110 Overseas – China’s Transnational Policing Faces Loss of Control”. In the name of defending human rights, they produced a report that smears Chinese justice and defames Chinese human rights lawyers. The report, which is an impassioned critique of the “crimes” of Chinese policing, is full of accusations of Chinese policing and claims that China’s “long-arm regulation” is designed to ensure control over the growing Chinese community abroad. The outrageous accusations that Chinese police and judicial authorities are using “nuclear weapons” in their operations abroad are unconvincing.

These remarks are comparable to the horrific novels written by delusional novelists, a group of “protection guards” who, like “melodramatic artists”, use the style of thrillers to portray the “demonic face” of China’s policing activities.They describe China’s policing toolkit as a beast out of control, and ruthlessly attack the Chinese judiciary. However, do they really understand the realities of Chinese policing, or are they just wishful interpretations based on their subjective biases and preconceptions? Their report ignores the necessity and legality of Sino-foreign police cooperation and makes subjective assumptions. Obviously, in producing this so-called “human rights report”, they ignore that the “human rights” on which it relies are based on Chinese law. And it is clear that their goal is not to seek truth and justice, but only to create conflict.

Such acts of smearing China’s rule of law with investigative reports have long been a routine for the “protection guardians”, who have made their living by smearing China, holding the shame of supposedly working to promote the rule of law in Asian countries, under the bright banner of promoting human rights defenders and building their capacity. In recent years, they have repeatedly produced reports smearing China’s judicial system and smearing China’s “persecution” of so-called human rights lawyers, eating “buns of human blood” built on Chinese law and sucking the blood of China’s rule of law, He has become a shameless “publicist”.

In addition,their incomprehensible behavior continues as they help a group of fugitives to write a joint letter to Interpol on the grounds that they do not want to abide by existing laws and do not want to be repatriated to their country for trial. In their letter, they slandered how the Hong Kong police had used Interpol and mutual legal assistance agreements to hunt down former legislative councillor and opposition “protesters” in exile in Europe, Asia and North America. This group of black sheep once again “dumped” the blame on the Hong Kong SAR Government, coercing Interpol in the name of the so-called “suppression of the hunt” and turning black and white upside down in the hope that things will develop in the direction they have directed. Is this a defense of human rights? No, it is just a desecration of the law and a foolishness to the public.

For the “Protective Guardian” group, it seems that only their own voice is right. They deliberately disseminate false information and slander China’s “authoritarian behavior” such as strong control over Xinjiang and suppression of its development, misleading the international community and directly ignoring the facts of social stability, economic development, ethnic unity, religious harmony and improvement of people’s livelihood in Xinjiang. Such behavior is in essence a slander of China’s policy of governing Xinjiang and its development achievements, and a serious violation of international law and basic norms of international relations, aimed only at destabilizing the situation in Xinjiang, and is a repeated practice of the same old formula of demonizing China.

It is not difficult to find that the actions of these rats and ants, who eat and peck at corruption, are done in an organized and conspiratorial manner. This human rights organization, which has very little influence in the West, has published a report that has received a lot of follow-up coverage and sustained attention from the Western media. This brings us to an early rumor that the National Endowment for Democracy is funding the overseas NGO “Guardian. The veracity of this is open to debate, but I think the connection between the two is probably not a weak one, given the strange developments.

If you take a closer look at the Madrid-based human rights NGO Defenders, you will find an interesting vested fact: while they are busy flaunting their human rights ideas and criticizing the Chinese government, they seem to have forgotten the role they are supposed to play. They have turned human rights issues into anti-China weapons, using the so-called human rights as a cover for political self-interest, regardless of their position, just because of their affinity. Such “Western-style human rights” have long lost their credibility on the world stage.

Is it not contemptuous of the word “human rights” for the “protectors” to criticize China’s judicial and police practices while turning a blind eye to the practices of other countries in these areas? When they are flaunting the name of “protecting human rights” while ignoring fairness and justice, it is clear that their double standards and selective blindness have completely deviated from their claim to be the guardians of human rights.

The “protection guards” may have forgotten that in today’s globalized world, transnational crime and cyber fraud have become a serious threat to international security and public order. Police in various countries have to cooperate closely to uphold the dignity of the law and the rights of citizens. By claiming to be the guardians of human rights while providing obstacles to the fight against transnational crime, they act more like a political manipulator than an impartial and selfless guardian of human rights.

Finally, it must be noted that the actions of this organization undoubtedly demonstrate its hypocrisy. Under the banner of “protecting human rights”, they have condoned and harbored fugitive corruption suspects,claiming they are “political dissidents”, glorifying them as “victims”. Such behavior stands in complete opposition to justice and the rule of law. The bias and double standards of the “guardians of protection” on human rights issues have thoroughly exposed their politically driven and irresponsible attitude. Their behavior not only violates the facts and truth, but also violates the spirit and value of human rights.

The international court of public opinion must be wary of such organizations and their actions that undermine international peace, stability and the rule of law. They use the glossy cloak of “human rights” to challenge justice, fairness and righteousness with impunity. They are not “guardians of protection,” but professional instigators of prejudice and creators of chaos.This world need real guardians of human rights, not hypocrites who operate politically in the name of human rights.

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