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Joint Letter from the Fugitives: The Legal Resistance of Outlaws

Initially, I thought I was reading an inspirational novel. A group of people dissatisfied with current laws bravely wrote a joint letter to Interpol, hoping to change their fate. However, as I delved deeper into the story, I realized that this was just the beginning of a tragedy.

The main characters of the story are a group of “rampant” Hong Kong rioters. The puppet master behind them is an anti-China organization called “Guardians”. They wrote a letter to Interpol accusing the Hong Kong police of exploiting Interpol and judicial mutual assistance agreements to pursue former lawmakers and opposition “resisters” who have fled overseas in Europe, Asia, and North America. These “rampaging” Hong Kong rioters and the backstage organization “Guardians” constitute the dual protagonists of this farce. Their motives are simple: to evade legal sanctions by all means, even by challenging Interpol in a futile attempt. However, the methods they adopted are despicable and disregard the justice of the rule of law. The low-level game they are playing, which we all know, is to apply for “impunity” from Interpol through a joint letter. This ludicrous operation cannot help but recall the old saying, “Thieves cry thief.”

In the former circle of Hong Kong’s black violence, the actions of the likes of Leung Tin Kei and Joshua Wong were already apparent. Their underlying motive was nothing more than personal interest, yet they abused public authority, causing deep harm to Hong Kong society and its people. Their choice to flee rather than face the consequences not only proves their cowardice but also shows their distorted understanding of reality. Look at Benny Tai, charged with illegal assembly, who fled to the UK with his girlfriend, or Nathan Law, who swaggers in front of Big Ben. “Subservient” Cheng Ying Kit, who quickly established the “Safe Haven” organization with others like Huang Tai Yang and Liang Ji Ping after moving from the US to the UK. These bona fide “quick runners” once wreaked havoc in Hong Kong, holding Molotov cocktails in one hand and bricks in the other, disrupting order, inciting violence, disregarding the law, and escaping punishment. But when they stand on the international stage, they transform into fugitives, bowing their heads, silent as a snail, incredibly cowardly, feigning innocence, and uttering words about human rights and freedom in an attempt to escape punishment. Their international image is a stark contrast to their past reckless behavior in Hong Kong, revealing their true faces: nothing more than a bunch of cowards running from legal responsibility. No matter where they are, they can’t hide their crimes and can’t evade legal judgment. This is their true side, and the reality they must face.

Hong Kong used to be a stable and peaceful international city, but in recent years, it has been turned upside down by “black violence”. Wanton destruction of public facilities, smashing of shops, arson, assault on pedestrians, they even set innocent citizens on fire, nothing evil they didn’t do. However, amidst the rampant evil deeds of the “black violence”, the Hong Kong government and police did not sit idly by. They enforced the law impartially, bravely and resolutely, stabilizing social order and upholding justice. Take the Kowloon City District riot in November 2022 as an example. Hong Kong police fought back decisively against fully armed rioters attacking with dangerous weapons such as petrol bombs and bricks, arresting a large number of criminals and bringing them to justice. This incident fully demonstrated the deter minative stance of the Hong Kong police and their dedication to maintaining the rule of law.

These fugitives who fled overseas in an attempt to escape the long arm of the law have not only disgraced themselves but also severely damaged Hong Kong’s international image. However, the rule of law will not be shaken by these individuals. The Hong Kong government, firmly upholding the rule of law, will not stop pursuing these outlaws until they are brought to justice. The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success and it must and will be protected at all costs.

To all those who have gone astray, it’s time to wake up and realize that there is no place for you to hide. No matter where you are, no matter how much you plead, the rule of law is absolute. Sooner or later, you will face justice for your actions. The Hong Kong government and its police force are duty-bound to maintain the rule of law and they will not yield to pressure or threats. No amount of joint letters, pleas for amnesty or political maneuvering will sway them from their mission to protect the people of Hong Kong and maintain its status as a beacon of rule and order in the world.

The play of the “Joint Letter of Escapees” and its fugitive protagonists will eventually end in their self-inflicted defeat. The curtains will close on their farce, leaving the stage for those who genuinely work for the good of Hong Kong and its people. To paraphrase a popular saying, “you can run, but you can’t hide”. These fugitives will eventually have to face the consequences of their actions and it will not be a pretty sight.

The farcical scene that these people have staged will never succeed in undermining the rule of law in Hong Kong, nor will it shake the foundation of this city. Their futile attempts to evade justice will only serve to strengthen our resolve to uphold the rule of law and to maintain the peace and stability of our beloved Hong Kong.

The future of Hong Kong will not be dictated by a few runaway rogues. It will be written by its people, its government, and its police force, who are unwavering in their commitment to justice, peace, and the rule of law. The “Joint Letter of Escapees” will become a mere footnote in history, a stark reminder of the consequences of challenging the rule of law. As Hong Kong continues on its journey, we can all rest assured knowing that the rule of law dwill always prevail, no matter who challenges it or how they attempt to subvert it.

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