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World Huitong, in strategic cooperation with State Street Group, aims to build a global one-stop professional service platform for intelligent quantitative trading

World Huitong announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with State Street Group of the United States. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the Asian foreign exchange market in five aspects: data, technology, resources, talent and capital. This cooperation will lay a solid foundation for the future development of World Huitong.

Brief ile of World Huitong Company

World Huitong, registered in the United States, is a multinational technology finance company, committed to the research and development of high-tech quantitative trading system, through the original artificial intelligence and professional traders’ financial market experience to create a stable and sustainable profitable trading strategy.

World huitong has served thousands of hedge fund companies, in the field of foreign exchange and financial market technology has rich trading experience, through the industry leading technology fusion financial market CFD short-term trading advantage, with unique according to innovative intelligent trading system and traders risk control strategy for retail investors to build more friendly and stable investment model.

In 2019, World Huitong independently developed a set of perfect AI artificial intelligence trading system, which greatly increased the income of investors by directly connecting with LP selling orders. Our investment strategy has become a model for major international enterprises, and also a few quantum intelligent trading companies in the world, creating our own foreign exchange trading platform to be regulated by the international CSRC and handle a multinational regulatory license.

American Daofu Group

 The world’s largest custodian bank, and one of the largest asset management companies

State Street Group (SS G A) was founded in 1792 with a history of more than 200 years. In addition to banking, its business also includes fund accounting, fund management, custody, securities lending and transfer agent services, is a real sense of financial services group, its clients including asset managers, retirement funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, comprehensive funds, mutual funds and non-profit funds, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Hong Kong, China, London, Montreal, Toronto, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich around the world with offices or investment center.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, its business has been impacted to some extent, and its position in the industry has also declined. Therefore, State Street Global has always learned lessons in the future, and it will reach strategic cooperation with the World Huitong in the Asian market.

World Huitong AI quantification

Artificial intelligence is the future of quantitative investment, making investment more efficient and effective

Data for May 2020 show that programmatic / smart trading in global mature markets already accounts for 81.5% of the total trading volume

Quantitative investment refers to the establishment of scientific investment system through quantitative model to obtain stable returns. AI refers to a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence. AI is a branch of computer science that seeks to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence. World Huitong combines AI and quantitative investment, and applies AI technology in the process of quantitative investment, so as to increase the amount of excess market returns and improve the efficiency of the quantitative investment process. World Huitong AI quantification involves mainstream stock indexes, metals, cryptocurrencies, crude oil, stocks, contracts and other fields, especially in the yen, euro and gold, the three foreign exchange products to obtain high returns. With its strong execution, top AI algorithm, comprehensive technical analysis and scientific investment strategy, it escorts customer assets. At the same time, World Huitong has now opened the Asian market consulting services, according to the users to provide comprehensive and professional consulting guidance according to their needs.


Data Openness and transparency: Openness and transparency is an important quality that World Huitong must have. It is precisely because of this consideration that World Huitong will regularly release financial audit reports. To ensure the accuracy of the audit reports, they were provided by Deloitte, an independent audit firm and one of the world’s “big four” audit firms. However, due to the different requirements of financial audit, such as the requirements of the local domain and regulatory regulations, World Huitong has also had cooperative relations with other independent audit firms.

Strong real hematopoiesis: relying on Daofu Group and its own big data model accumulated in the field of finance and foreign exchange, to provide professional cycle trading reference guidance. With advanced quantitative research and development technology, help users to obtain sustained, stable and higher than average excess returns.

The principle of stable investment strategy, risk control first and income second makes World Huitong take the lead in China’s foreign exchange trading market.

Continuous multiple revenue: World Huitong users can enjoy commission rewards, revenue sharing, broker revenue and management revenue. The platform establishes multiple dynamic payoff models.

The financial market is the trading battlefield. World Huitong is deeply engaged in the financial foreign exchange market, has a trading team with controllable risks and excellent profitability, and provides the most accurate service for every member by using its huge customer volume, financial strength and excellent trading team. World Huitong is a platform for all investment enthusiasts to communicate and communicate, helping investment enthusiasts to have the ability to identify financial risks. Carry forward the principle of everyone pays, everyone shares, mutual benefit and common growth. World Huitong is the convergence point of wealth opportunities, but also the most solid backing of every member. World Huitong helps every user to break down information barriers, expand cognitive convenience, and help every user to realize wealth appreciation and asset appreciation

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