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         Date of Report (date of earliest event reported): March 7, 2007

                          GLOBETEL COMMUNICATIONS CORP.
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         Delaware                      0-23532                 88-0292161
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              101 NE 3rd Ave., Suite 1500, Ft. Lauderdale, FL        33301
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        Registrant's telephone number, including area code: 954-332-3759

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1.01  Entry Into a Material Definitive Agreement

      GlobeTel Communications Corp. (the "Company") has entered into a
consulting agreement with Ulrich Altvater, the former president of its GlobeTel
Wireless subsidiary. The agreement provides for Mr. Altvater to provide certain
services to the Company with regard to the assembly and support of the Company's
line of HotZone products, the intellectual property for which the Company
purchased from Mr. Altvater's previous company in June 2005. In consideration
for providing such services, the Company will pay Mr. Altvater a consulting fee
of $45,000 per month and Mr. Altvater shall receive 50% of the net proceeds
resulting from sales generated by Mr. Altvater.. The term of the consulting
agreement is one year.

8.01  Other Events

The Company is winding down the operations of Centerline Communications LLC,
a wholly owned subsidiary. In conjunction therewith the Company is investigating
whether to sell its related equipment, redeploy such equipment or a combination

The Company has also reorganized GlobeTel Wireless Corp., a wholly owned
subsidiary ("GTW"). GTW will become focused on the sale and implementation of
wireless broadband networks. In conjunction with the restructuring, the Company
has entered into the above referenced consulting agreement with Mr. Altvater who
will continue to provide engineering support for the Company's HotZone products,
for which the Company is presently seeking patent protection.

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10.1             Consulting Agreement entered Ulrich Altvater
99.1             Press Release dated April 26, 2007


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                                      GLOBETEL COMMUNICAITONS CORP.

           Date: April 30, 2007       /s/ Peter Khoury
                                      Peter Khoury, Chief Executive Officer