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         Set forth herein is a copy of the press release of
Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited (the "Company") issued on
July 10, 2001 announcing results for the period ended June 30,
2001 and its dividend for the third quarter of 2001.


         BP Amoco p.l.c., the successor company to the merger
between Amoco Corp. and The British Petroleum Company p.l.c.
files annual reports on Form 20-F and periodic reports on Form
6-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.


Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd. (NAT) - (AMEX: NAT) (OSE:
NAT) announces high results and strong dividend payment despite
falling tanker markets

As of 06/30/01 (per 2nd quarter 2001) NAT had an operating profit
of $15.2 m as against $ 8.0 m during the same period last year.
The net profit was $14.5 m as against $ 7.2 m in the same period
last year.

The strong tanker market enables the company to pay a 3rd quarter
2001 dividend of $0.72 per share.  Including the dividend for the
3rd quarter of 2001 the total dividend paid so far in 2001 is
$3.32 per share. In year 2000 the company paid a total dividend
of  $2.56 per share as against $1.35 per share in 1999. The 3rd
quarter 2001 dividend of $0.72 will be paid on or about August
15th to shareholders on record as of July 27th 2001. The next
dividend payment from NAT will be declared in October 2001.

The market for Suezmax tankers in the second quarter 2001
remained strong however down compared to the first quarter of
2001. NATs three suezmax tankers, which are on contract to BP
Shipping, take immediate advantage of the firm market conditions.

Average T/C rate for the NAT vessels was $35,088 per day in the
second quarter of 2001 compared to $ 51,607 per day in the first
quarter of 2001, $59,059 per day in the fourth quarter of 2000,
$48,153 per day in the third quarter, $33,701 per day in the
second quarter and $26,079 per day in the first quarter of 2000.

NAT has 9.706.606 shares in issue.

The year to date (YTD) results for 2001 compared with the same
period last year, and the second quarter of 2001 compared to the
same quarter last year are as follows:

USD              YTD 2001    YTD 2000     Q2 2001       Q22000
Revenue        18,897,105  11,678,940   7,258,087    6,879,873
Misc. exp.       (275,622)   (269,897)   (140,604)    (115,898)
Depreciation   (3,415,520) (3,415,520) (1,707,760)  (1,707,760)
  profit       15,205,963   7,993,523   5,409,723    5,056,215
Net financial
  exp.           (742,183)   (781,349)   (388,306)    (385,780)
Net profit     14,463,780   7,212,174   5,021,417   4,670,435


  per share         $1.49       $0.74       $0.52        $0.48
Cash flow
  per share         $1.84       $1.09       $0.69        $0.66

The strong market conditions are reflected in the net profit so
far in 2001 which is two times higher than for the same period in

The contracts for the NAT vessels are drawn up in a way that
secures income 365 days a year for the vessels and no off-hire.
The contracts with BP Shipping commenced on October 1, 1997 and
run for minimum 7 years and maximum 14 years if all options are

NAT will always achieve rates that correspond to the spot market
for modern suezmax tankers, but will not be below $ 22,000 per
day (T/C equivalent), which is the agreed minimum rate with BP

The quarterly dividend paid since 1998 has been as follows:

    Q1   1998:  $0.40
    Q2   1998:  $0.41
    Q3   1998:  $0.32
    Q4   1998:  $0.30             All 1998       : $1.43

    Q1   1999:  $0.32
    Q2   1999:  $0.32
    Q3   1999:  $0.35
    Q4   1999:  $0.36             All 1999       : $1.35

    Q1   2000:  $0.34
    Q2   2000:  $0.45
    Q3   2000:  $0.67
    Q4   2000:  $1.10             All 2000       : $2.56

    Q1   2001   $1.41
    Q2   2001   $1.19
    Q3   2001   $0.72             So far 2001    : $3.32

Balance sheet for Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd per 6.30.01
and 12.31.00
(figures in USD)
                              06.30.01            12.31.00


Vessels                      145,159,525         148,575,045
Current assets                 3,646,598          10,344,534
Cash deposits                  4,988,949           1,922,925
Total assets                 153,795,072         160,842,504

Shareholderss equity         120,025,586         130,799,004
Long term debt                30,000,000          30,000,000
Prepaid hire                   3,725,989
Accrued interest                  43,497              43,500
Total liabilities & equity   153,795,072         160,842,504

Ugland Nordic Shipping ASA (UNS), an Oslo Stock Exchange listed
company holding 13.8% of the shares in NAT, is the manager of

                Sandefjord, Norway, July 10, 2001

Contacts:     Herbjorn Herbjorn Hansson or Niels Erik Feilberg
              Ugland Nordic Shipping ASA, Norway
              Tel: (47)-33-42 15 00, Fax: (47)-33-42 15 45
              Gary J. Wolfe
              Seward & Kissel, New York, USA
              Tel: (1) 212-574-1223, Fax: (1) 212-480-8421



         Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange
Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be
signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly


Dated:  July 11, 2001             By:  /s/  Herbjorn Hansson
                                            Herbjorn Hansson
                                            President and Chief
                                            Executive Officer