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Vitasma Honey, Chronic Cough and Asthma Medicine Made from Herbs

Because coughing, which should be a reflex, has actually become part of the existence of serious diseases in the body, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other chronic lung diseases.

Indonesia, 16th Jul 2023 – The development of information and communication technology that is increasingly accessible to various ages is still a problem. Especially since social media are now busy helping to become a medium for information in various fields. One of them is the health sector.

Until now, easy access to read and find out information about diseases to drugs used is the reason why many people with coughs or other diseases have a greater chance of not being right in choosing drugs for more serious treatment.

In fact, access to finding information about drugs and various types of diseases is considered easier and effective to prevent the disease in question from becoming more serious.

Therefore, discussing the criteria for choosing the best drug that is right from various sources will be an advantage for you. Especially in choosing and looking for effective cough medicines without side effects. Find out more.

Vitasma Herbal Cough Medicine

vitasma cough medicine

Cough or natural reflex from inside the body to clear mucus and irritation that occurs in the airway due to the entry of foreign objects.

This condition has an impact on your activities because you will cough more often. And, if irritants that enter the body are considered quite dangerous. So, this uncomfortable cough will continue to occur within two weeks or more.

In fact, coughing is not too dangerous or requires serious treatment. However, certain conditions such as coughing occur for more than eight weeks. These must be resolved immediately.

Why is that?

Because coughing, which should be a reflex, has actually become part of the existence of serious diseases in the body, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other chronic lung diseases.

Therefore, until now, chronic cough prevention measures from the beginning have been recommended by taking Vitasma cough medicine.

Why Vitasma?

vitasma herb cough medicine

This is the best fact about Vitasma that can help overcome cough effectively without side effects so that there is a small risk of dangerous chronic cough that causes death.

Launching from various sources and the official website of the University of Indonesia Hospital, herbal medicine is a type of companion or main medicine for certain diseases made from natural materials such as animals, minerals, to plants.

Even so, the rise of herbal medicines sold on the market is certainly a problem because there will be many drugs that are considered ineffective still sold.

While this certainly will not happen with Vitasma cough medicine. Vitasma cough medicine to date is proven and validated to be made from natural herbal ingredients that are clinically safe for consumption in the long term and effective 5 times faster to overcome coughs because it is the only herbal medicine that contains flavonoids.

Flavonoids are the best secondary metabolite compounds that are recommended to be used as cough medicine ingredients such as Vitasma cough medicine.

Research explains if, flavonoids are currently an important component and are very necessary because they have 5 effectiveness and advantages in 1 time, namely as:

  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti mutagenic
  • Anti Oxidant
  • Anti-bacterial

You can read about cough information at vitasma blog

This is certainly the basis why Vitasma cough medicine is suitable for consumption and is called the best cough medicine for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, to the elderly at once.

The only complete flavonoid formulation is currently only Vitasma cough medicine because it chooses honey, ginger, black cumin, cinnamon, lime, mint leaves, and saga leaves as the main ingredients of cough medicine.

No wonder Vitasma to this day is recorded to have helped at least 10,000 cough sufferers to recover and be free from uncomfortable activities and the risk of death from chronic lung disease.

Vitasma cough medicine in addition to using flavonoids as the best natural compounds to overcome coughs, and according to health experts has met the criteria as the best cough medicine that is safe for consumption with advantages such as:

  1. The content of natural ingredients of Vitasma cough medicine helps stop coughing stimulation in the brain so that symptoms and the desire to cough more quickly subside.
  2. Natural ingredients and the help of flavonoids in cough medicine Vitasma help overcome itchy nose and itchy throat both due to infection and allergies.
  3. Vitasma cough medicine is clinically tested to be effective in reducing swelling in the nose if the cough is accompanied by a cold because of the natural ingredients used.
  4. Vitasma cough medicine as a whole can help prevent the release of histamine substances or substances that trigger allergic reactions so that cough symptoms such as itching nose and throat, dry cough, and nasal congestion can be prevented.
  5. The flavonoid content of 8 natural ingredients of Vitasma cough medicine helps remove and reduce the production of phlegm or mucus.
  6. Vitasma cough medicine is safe for consumption for children at least two years old because the natural ingredients used have met the standards of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.
  7. Vitasma cough medicine can be used as a companion drug to maintain endurance and overcome cough that does not heal in pregnant women and nursing mothers because of the minimal side effects.
  8. The flavonoid content of Vitasma cough medicine according to the University of Auckland from New Zealand, proved to be 33% more effective than cough medicines containing chemical compounds or other natural compounds.

The advantages of Vitasma cough medicine above have also met safety standards that are clearly less than the consumption of other types of cough medicines in the long term.

Therefore, when coughing begins to be detected and occurs less than 3 weeks, immediately do serious treatment independently with adequate rest and consumption of Vitasma cough medicine regularly with the right dose.

With consumption 1 time a day of Vitasma cough medicine, you can move freely without being disturbed by chest pain due to continuous coughing that is difficult to control.

Cough does not heal due to asthma, bacterial viruses, histamine, to chronic lung disease? Immediately overcome with regular consumption using Vitasma cough medicine.

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