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Experience Innovative Wood Solutions with XUZHOU CHANGYU

In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-friendly practices are gaining increasing importance, XUZHOU Film Faced Birch Plywood stands out as a pioneer in providing innovative wood solutions. They are committed to quality and environmental

China, 21st Aug 2023 – In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-friendly practices are gaining increasing importance, XUZHOU Film Faced Birch Plywood stands out as a pioneer in providing innovative wood solutions. They are committed to quality and environmental responsibility and offer a wide range of plywood products that cater to various industries and applications. From camper plywood to anti-slip phenolic birch plywood, their offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of customers while ensuring durability and reliability.


Camper Plywood:

Camper plywood refers to a specific type of plywood specially designed for camper van conversions. It is typically lightweight and flexible, allowing for easier installation and customization. Camper plywood is often used for constructing a camper van’s interior fixtures and fittings, such as cabinets, bed platforms, and wall panelling. The plywood’s strength and durability ensure that these structures can withstand the rigours of travel while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.

Campervans Plywood:

Similar to camper plywood, Campervans Plywood is specifically engineered for use in campervans. It shares many characteristics with traditional camper plywood, such as being lightweight and easy to work with. However, campervan plywood may also have additional features tailored to the unique needs of campervan conversions. For example, it may have moisture-resistant properties to combat the humid conditions often encountered during camping trips. Campervan plywood is an ideal choice for constructing a campervan’s cabinets, flooring, and other interior components.

RV Plywood:

RV (Recreational Vehicle) plywood is designed for larger recreational vehicles like motorhomes and travel trailers. It is known for its strength and stability, making it suitable for constructing the structural elements of an RV, such as flooring, walls, and roof. RV plywood is often manufactured with enhanced moisture resistance to protect against leaks and water damage. It also provides excellent insulation properties, helping regulate the vehicle’s temperature and improve energy efficiency.

Motorhome Plywood:

Motorhome plywood is similar to RV plywood, as it is intended for use in motorhomes. These plywood sheets are typically thicker and more robust than those used in campervans or smaller camper conversions. Motorhome plywood is engineered to withstand the vibrations and movements associated with long-distance travel. It offers superior strength and durability, ensuring the motorhome’s interior remains intact and stable during bumpy rides. This plywood is commonly used for constructing floors, walls, and other structural components in motorhomes.

Anti-Slip Phenolic Birch Plywood:

Anti-slip phenolic birch plywood is a specialized type that provides enhanced safety features for camping and outdoor activities. It is often used for camper vans, RVs, and motorhome flooring to prevent slips and falls. The plywood surface is coated with a phenolic resin film, which creates a textured and slip-resistant finish. This makes it ideal for areas exposed to water or other slippery substances, such as a camper’s bathroom, kitchen, or entryway. Anti-slip phenolic birch plywood offers both durability and safety, making it a popular choice in camping vehicles.


With XUZHOU CHANGYU’s innovative wood solutions, industries ranging from campervan conversions to recreational vehicle manufacturing can benefit from high-quality plywood products. The camper plywood, campervans plywood, RV plywood, motorhome plywood, and anti-slip phenolic birch plywood are all engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability. By choosing XUZHOU CHANGYU, customers can experience the perfect blend of sustainability, functionality, and innovation in their wood solutions.

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