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Red Beard Sailing Is Now The Official US Dealer For The Brand New Line Of Astus Boats

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Rosedale, Maryland – Red Beard Sailing is an independently owned, one-stop-shop for portable sailboats, inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes, inflatable dinghies and sailing accessories. They are the premier distributor for XCAT, MiniCat, ROWonAIR, Happy Cat, Grabner, and Takacat.

The boat manufacturer Astus, who has recently partnered with renowned naval architect firm VPLP to redesign their latest line of boats, has now announced that Red Beard Sailing is the official US dealer for their brand new range of Astus Boats.

New Age of Astus Boats

The new line of Astus Boats offers users exceptional handling, high speed, and brilliant performance all in a small, lightweight and convenient package.

There are several leading features and design points that make Red Beard Sailing proud to be the US Boat Dealer for Astus, these are:

  • Narrow Hulls – This allows Astus Boats to have more buoyancy than your average production trimaran and lets them slice through the water with ease and more comfort due to better light wind performance.
  • Inverted Bows – Inverted bows means that these boats will be faster in light winds and will get on plane in lower wind speeds than boats with traditional overhanging bows.
  • Infusion Construction – The infusion method for constructing these small portable trimarans ensures that the hulls are as lightweight as possible, therefore making Astus Boats able to carry more weight safely and have a higher speed than other similarly sized trimarans. The lightweight construction also translates to a boat that can be towed by a smaller
  • Fewer Moving Parts – The Astus Telescopic Beams that are used in their line of boats consist of a simple locking pin and slide mechanism. This means that you don’t have to have any special tools, parts, or hardware to operate.
  • Easier Transport and Storage – As the Astus Telescopic Beams slide in a linear way, the bottom of all three hulls remain at the bottom which allows the boat to be easily moored or docked in a shallow monohull slip. This feature also makes the Astus boat much simpler to store as when you are moving the boat back onto your trailer it will touch the bottom of the boat instead of potentially causing damage to the beautiful painted sides.
  • Less Intrusive – The Asus beams do not require beam boxes or mounting hardware that intrude on the interior cabin, so if you are planning on some weekend cruising with your family, you will have the extra storage and sleeping space.

Astus boats are renowned for offering quality, high performance sailboats at a price that opens up the possibility for people from all walks of life to ignite their passion for sailing.

At you can find not only the base prices for each Astus model, but also detailed specifications and photographs.

Here is an example of some of the Astus Boats available:

Astus 14.5

With an impressive ability to go from car to water in just 5-10 minutes, this ultra-portable and affordable personal Tacking Proa or Trimaran allows you to choose between sailing with two or three hulls.

Astus 16.5

This is a high-octane beach trimaran that is easily portable but offers plenty of space and storage for a day out on the sea with the family.

Astus 20.5

The 20.5 is in a competitive segment, but provides a cabin for below deck accommodation without sacrificing performance that separates it from the competition.

Astus 22.5

This is the largest boat in the current Astus range and not only has a larger cabin than the 20.5 but also boasts a faster speed. Not only this, but soon you will get the optional extra of foils in the floats to allow for even higher speeds in rougher conditions.

More information

To find out more about Red Beard Sailing and to see their full Astus Boats selection, please visit their website at


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Red Beard Sailing is a premier distributor for XCAT, MiniCat, ROWonAIR, Happy Cat, Grabner, and Takacat. Independently owned, Red Beard Sailing is your one-stop-shop for mini catamaran, small catamaran boats, inflatable dinghies, sailing accessories, & more.

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