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Paradise Medspa and Wellness Launch Groundbreaking Laser Acne Treatment AviClear

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Paradise Medspa and Wellness has been the Valley’s leader in aesthetic and wellnesses services since 2008. A respected medical office based in Phoenix, Arizona, they offer an extensive range of services, from laser skin care and skin rejuvenation to hormone therapies and weight loss.

Today, Paradise Medspa and Wellness is excited to announce that are the first practice in the State of Arizona to offer the latest advancement in laser acne treatment – AviClear. Suitable and safe for all skin types, a unique wavelength of laser energy selectively targets sebaceous gland activity, resulting in a reduction in acne lesions for patients with both moderate and severe acne.

Being the first to offer the service further cements the teams market-leading status. For over a decade they have helped patients achieve clearer skin and combat acne. With the new AviClear technology, most patients experience a reduction in acne lesions of over 50% after just three treatments, with many reporting continued improvement for up to nine months post-treatment.

Below, we detail AviClear, the groundbreaking laser acne treatment, as provided by Paradise Medspa and Wellness:

AviClear is a tried and tested laser acne treatment and a huge leap forward in technological advancement for clearer skin.

Paradise Medspa and Wellness agrees that AviClear is a truly groundbreaking treatment. In recent times, treating acne could result in systemic side effects and result in excessive dryness or skin irritation, all while relying on patient compliance to use prescription medications and topical treatments.

The AviClear acne treatment is not only incredibly straightforward, but also very effective. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in March 2022, the laser is the first of its kind, targeting and suppressing sebaceous glands that are largely responsible for acne outbreaks. In just three treatments, the laser technology treats these glands and reduces the amount of sebum produced, providing noticeably clearer skin.

AviClear is suitable for all – it’s the most accessible acne treatment

Not only can AviClear be used as a preventative measure for younger patients entering puberty to stop acne before it starts, but it can also be used to treat patients with mild to severe acne. Results are long-lasting with acne clearance visible for up to two years in clinical studies.

Suitable for all skin types and tones, patients should expect to receive an initial series of 3 monthly treatment sessions. For those with severe acne, follow up sessions and maintenance may be required depending upon the treatment response. However, thanks to the laser technology, this process is far more accessible than traditional treatments, and patients noted only mild flaking and redness in the treated area after each session.

Patients who have had the AviClear laser acne treatment to-date said it was more comfortable than traditional treatments, as the laser’s skin cooling and sensory control mechanism maintains the skin’s temperate. With virtually no side effects, clinical trial patients and skin experts agreed that the laser technology is perfect for those who do not want to use drugs or oral medication that may cause unwanted side effects or harsh skin irritations.

Combining AviClear with blue light LED treatments is a hit with patients

Paradise Medspa and Wellness include six free blue light LED treatments with each AviClear package to keep patients’ skin looking as clear as possible during the three-month protocol. Patients can also have a free consultation with a physician to determine if additional topical or oral therapies would be of benefit while undergoing the AviClear treatments.

More Information:

Paradise Medspa & Wellness is a medical office, providing services in a safe yet welcoming, spa-like atmosphere. Our goal is to provide every patient with the opportunity to feel great, inside and out. We specialize in full body rejuvenation, offering an extensive menu of services, from Laser Skin Care and Skin Rejuvenation treatments to Hormone Therapies and Weight Loss. Learn more via the website.


About Paradise Medspa and Wellness

Paradise Medspa & Wellness is a medical office, so we are providing our services in a safe yet welcoming, spa-like atmosphere.

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