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dynaCERT HG1 unit installed on diesel Truck

As climate change tax related riots rock France, Macron and the EU have an immediate solution in dynaCERT’s technology which is poised for viral-like adoption.

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX:DYA)

Major upside share price revaluation appears in store for dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA), it has all the earmarks of a technology company poised for a serious run toward a C$1+ billion valuation”— Market Equities Research Group

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMJ) has a unique confluence of catalysts (new and upcoming/imminent) that we believe will unleash viral-like adoption of its Carbon Emission Reduction Technology which additionally provides fuel savings. Tech which has been in development/refinement for quite some time, and whose latest results are nothing short of astonishing;

• Carbon Emission Reduction Technology: Official European TUV testing for dynaCERT’s units is complete; results prove emission reduction in NOx of 88%, CO of 50%, and particulate matter of 75% -- unmatched by any other current technology.

• Technology that pays for itself: Official European TUV test results verified a long haul diesel truck with new dynaCERT carbon emission reduction technology has 20.1% average fuel savings for the 188 hours of tests, travelling through the mountainous terrain of southern Germany in a heavy load commercial operation.

• So impressive is the HydraGEN technology dynaCERT is the Gold Medal winner of the prestigious 2018 Edison Award for Best New Product.

Numerous catalysts underway, dynaCERT Inc. management is actively engaged in top-level negotiations on numerous fronts as the needs for solutions that its technology can provide grows;

• If climate change is the existential threat many believe then dynaCERT Inc. is superbly positioned to excel this 2019. The climate-change related riots in France essentially boil down to the fact elites in power care about climate change and yellow vests care about the price of fuel -- dynaCERT addresses both. Look for HG technology to be implemented immediately many places in Europe at a self-reinforcing accelerated pace once ABE Certification is issued.

• ABE Certification License from the German Ministry of Transportation for dynaCERT’s proprietary HydraGEN (HG) units, expected imminently, which will allow for sales in the EU and other jurisdictions.

• New 2019 European emission reduction regulations (among others) position dynaCERT as the industry solution forerunner; OEM (e.g. Mercedes, VW, ManTruck, Volvo, Freightliner) and other major industry participants are now in active discussion with dynaCERT engineers and senior management.

• Multiple jurisdictional initiatives are gearing-up to slash commercial truck emissions in USA and Canada (e.g. see related December-2018 news story “Premier Doug Ford aims to cut truck emissions with commercial Drive Clean push” which specifically names dynaCERT as a primary beneficiary). Of note: The Environmental Protection Agency on November 13, 2018 announced plans to place more stringent restrictions on pollution from heavy-duty trucks, in a move that won the Trump administration rare praise from environmental groups. Nearly two decades have passed since the EPA last updated its standards for emissions of nitrogen oxide, or NOx, that govern the nation’s heavy-duty trucking fleet. Two years ago, 20 state and local air regulators, backed by public health groups, petitioned the agency to revamp its regulations of NOx, citing adverse effects on health and air quality. Source: EPA website – Noteworthy as dynaCERT has proven emission reduction in NOx of 88%, CO of 50%, and particulate matter of 75% in heavy-duty trucks.

At a time when the way we treat our environment matters, dynaCERT Inc.’s HydraGEN technology is acknowledged by experts as the single most effective and practical piece of equipment businesses and governments can adopt to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gases from diesel engines. dynaCERT has attracted significant attention within the transportation industry over the last couple months since official European TUV testing results were released. Results point to the dynaCERT’s technology as offering a solution to meet new stringent government regulations; e.g. the European regulations VECTO for CO2 reduction comes into effect on January 1, 2019, requiring all truck manufacturers to provide full emission testing on every new vehicle model in various load and road configurations, these tests then become the baseline from which each vehicle sold in Europe built after January 1, 2025 must achieve a 15% reduction in CO2, and a further 5% reduction requirement is to be achieved by 2030.

dynaCERT continues to expand its dealer network worldwide (now at 30 dealers (and growing), and feedback from clients on the latest model of HG1 installs is universally enthusiastically positive.

A major catalyst that will open up sales for dynaCERT in Europe and around the globe will come from ABE Certification License from the German Ministry of Transportation, expected imminently. This certification is required before any units can be installed on trucks in Europe, so needless to say this is going to be a major event for shareholders. The Company has made no secret of the pent-up demand, stating in its October 19, 2018 news release; “Once the ABE Homologation is issued, dynaCERT GmbH will be authorized to sell HydraGEN Units through our anxiously awaiting authorized dealers ready to install Units on to vehicles across Europe.”

dynaCERT is expected to excel on all fronts globally in 2019. The Company is also engaged in plans to tackle the marine, rail, and power generation market in a major way. As HG unit sales accelerate the economics will quickly flourish, especially considering the healthy gross profit margins per unit and the fact there is a market with desperate need globally for millions of HG1 units (for diesel truck engines) and the new HG2 units (for refrigeration containers), capable of drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions, all while saving fuel. The Company is positioned to meet accelerated demand; its new production facilities are fully operational with current capacity to build 6,000 HG1 units per month, and production plans for the HG2 series models is expected to have capacity to reach 10,000 units per month.

Considering the level of interest from OEMs Mercedes, VW, ManTruck, Volvo, Freightliner and other major industry participants (including government regulators and politicians), and the fact dynaCERT provides an uncomplicated immediate carbon emission reduction solution for them all, it’s not unreasonable to envision a scenario that could see DYA.V shareholders experience near-term extraordinary gains.

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Introduction to dynaCERT's HydraGEN™ Technology

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