dynaCERT Embarking on Tokenization of Carbon Credit Market

dynaCERT Smart-ECU controlled HG unit installed on diesel Truck

A first-generation end-to-end carbon credit marketplace tokenization system appears now under development leveraging dynaCERT’s unique patented and proven tech.

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX:DYA)

Digitizing the complete process, from the tokenization of carbon credits to their trading on the existing openly regulated currency exchanges”— Brian Semkiw, FinTech Pioneer

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- dynaCERT Inc. is a Canadian-based technology company whose appointment of FinTech Pioneer Brian Semkiw to its Advisory Board this March-2019 positions the Company at the forefront of the future monetization/digital tokenization of the coming carbon credit marketplace economy. dynaCERT has assembled proven technological elements and expertise that make it a clear leader in emission and fuel reduction for diesel engines.

dynaCERT’s technology appears to be developing into two separate branches ;
1) HydroGENTM (HG) Technology (controlled by its proprietary Smart-ECU), and
2) Carbon Credit Tokenization, Smart-ECU Driven Audit and Exchange Tech.

1) HydroGENTM (HG) technology controlled by its proprietary Smart-ECU:
The Company’s traditional HG technology is currently in production and gaining traction. dynaCERT’s HG technology was the recipient Gold Medal winner of the prestigious 2018 Edison Award for Best New Product. The ‘CERT’ in dynaCERT stands for Carbon Emission Reduction Technology and it is proving very effective; TUV testing of dynaCERT’s HG technology in Germany yielded proven emission reductions in NOx of 88%, CO of 50% and particulate matter of 75%, all while saving up to 20% on fuel costs, results which are unmatched by any other current technology. NOx is extremely hazardous to people's health and to the environment, contributing to the formation of smog and acid rain, as well as deteriorating the earth's protective tropospheric ozone.

dynaCERT’s Smart-ECU (the brains of the unit) interfaces the trucks engine to determine the proper flow rate of gases to optimize the burn. The Smart-ECU was incepted by dynaCERT’s Advisory Board member David Bridge, one of the original developers from Virgin Mobile, and also formerly of Research in Motion (known for the Blackberry).

2) Carbon Credit Tokenization, Smart-ECU Driven Audit and Exchange Tech. The smart-ECU also records the fuel savings and emission reductions while in operation, providing an audit trail, essentially a greenhouse gas tracking system with the ability to account for future carbon credits. With the ability to verify and log emission savings, dynaCERT is currently working with a group in the UK, experts on carbon credits and is in the process of having the technology certified for carbon credits. The plan is for dynaCERT’s Smart-ECU to monitor and eventually monetize carbon credits. dynaCERT has several related worldwide patents.

FinTech pioneer with multiple past successes involving breakthrough achievements has a clear vision for dynaCERT, leveraging its unique patented and proven technology to create a complete end-to-end carbon credit marketplace tokenization system: dynaCERT’s latest Advisory Board appointee, Brian Semkiw, is founder of Rand Worldwide, a CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software/service provider to the engineering and manufacturing marketplace serving flagship customers such as John Deere, Nortel and Chrysler. Semkiw also co-founded one of the most innovative Fintech companies in the world, Carta Worldwide. Carta had numerous break-through achievements in the payments processing marketplace with such customers as MasterCard, Vodafone, TransferWise and ApplePay. Most recently, Brian and Rui Mendes co-founded 3rdGP, the world’s first third generation processing payments company with emphasis on Blockchain and IOT payments processing solutions.

Mr. Semkiw has a clear vision of the potential stating, “What has drawn me to dynaCERT is the opportunity to merge two distinct disciplines, Engineering/Manufacturing and Payments Processing. dynaCERT has engineered an excellent product that has numerous benefits for its customers, but most significantly, is the impressive reduction of toxic greenhouse gases (GHG). I see my job as helping the company to monetize those reductions with Fintech innovation not present in the world today. Digitizing the complete process, from the tokenization of carbon credits to their trading on the existing openly regulated currency exchanges is not only an immense potential for dynaCERT but is a massive opportunity with multi-government tailwinds already predisposed to the success of the project. This is a very exciting time for dynaCERT and I am very pleased to be part of the team.”

A tokenization system applied to carbon credits would involve the process of converting and substituting sensitive data elements into a fungible and tradable token asset on a blockchain. The tokens would have intrinsic assigned carbon credit value that can be bought or sold, essentially a crypto-token/virtual currency token secured and validated using security best practices applicable to sensitive data protection, secure storage, audit, authentication and authorization (something dynaCERTs Smart-ECU already does, in-part, in a highly quantifiable manner traced directly to emission savings on individual HG units in the field). A tokenization system would provide data processing applications with the authority and interfaces to request tokens. This could potentially also lead to a scenario whereby third-parties could contract with purchasers of HG units to cover capital costs of installation in exchange for a stream of future tokens generated from the unit, and be an additional incentivizing meaningful revenue stream for owners of HG units (in addition to the up to 20% fuel-saving they would benefit from).

The following URLs have been identified for further DD on dynaCERT:
- Corporate website: https://www.dynacert.com
- Mid-February 2019 interview with dynaCERT Inc. CEO:
(the interview of dynaCERT's CEO begins at the with ~17:30 min. mark of the above mp3)
- Recent Technology Journal Review: https://technologymarketwatch.com/dya.htm

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