dynaCERT Inc. CEO Interview with Global News Radio 640 Toronto, Paris Accord Obligations Could Can be Met Immediately

dynaCERT HG unit installed on diesel Truck

dynaCERT tech in diesel transport trucks results in NOx reductions of 88%, CO of 50%, particulate matter of 75%, all while increasing fuel-savings up to ~20%

if say 1/3 of the trucks in Canada adopt this right now, Canada would meet or exceed its goals for the Paris Accord literally overnight”— Jim Payne, dynaCERT's CEO

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) CEO, Jim Payne, was interviewed by Global News' Jeff McArthur. This interview follows the recent news of dynaCERT receiving its certificate of approval for sale and installation of units into the EU, and of news that dynaCERT has received its first institutional coverage; the independent investment bank GBC AG, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, initiated coverage with a 'BUY' rating with significant near-term upside share price appreciation.

The full Global News interview may be listened to online at
https://omny.fm/shows/jeff-mcarthur/this-company-says-it-can-help-canada-pass-paris-cl [running time: 7 min. 17 sec.].

The interviewer explained that he had only recently became aware of dynaCERT Inc. and its HydraGENTM technology/product after being notified by a listener. He described HydraGENTM as follows; "a box, about the size of a suitcase is installed on the back of diesel trucks that fly our highways, and if it is installed, at a cost of ~$6,500, it cuts carbon emissions ~50%, NOx emissions (read hazardous noxious emissions) by ~60%, and it also improves your fuel consumption by somewhere between 10% & 20%. Which means that if you spend the $6500 to put it on the truck you are going to pay for it over the course of the first year -- ~5,000L/year for average long-haul transport trucks, you do the math."

The following are excerpts from the interview:

Q. Jeff McArthur Global News: "I'm wondering where this is going ... If this is out there, and I'm talking to you Jim Payne, the CEO of [dynaCERT] HydraGENTM [the product], how come it is not on every truck?"
A. dynaCERT Inc. CEO: "That's a great question and I anticipate it's just a matter time before it will be. ..."

The CEO carries on to explain how the industry is always innovating, and gives examples of past innovations that have improved performance to trucks that were eventually adopted across the entire industry.

Q. Jeff McArthur Global News: "Apparently you're using electrolysis in a novel way to do this with what 's going on in that box?"
A. dynaCERT Inc. CEO: "Well that's absolutely right, it is a very unique electrolysis system, it is patented. What it does is it produced pure hydrogen and pure oxygen, but the important thing ... there has been white papers going back 50 years proving the fact trace amounts of hydrogen and oxygen enhance the burn of an internal combustion engine, the problem has always been there is a sweet-spot; you have to have the right mixture or you get negative effects. We have spent over 15 years and $60 million to perfect this, to get this where it is a fully computerized system where it takes information from the engine, learns from it and determines the exact flow rate that's required to enhance that burn."

Q. Jeff McArthur Global News: "So essentially you are saying that in that suitcase there is some kind of computing apparatus that uses software that says 'I'm going to constantly measure, I'm going to constantly adjust?'"
A. dynaCERT Inc. CEO: "That is right, it is not unlike a smart-phone, and this is something that is learning all the time. But what it does more, above and beyond that, it take the information ... as soon as you bolt and get it onto your truck, it takes the historical data from that, determines what the baseline is and then it shows in real-time the fuel savings and the reductions in CO2 from that day forward ... it's like a management system on steroids ... it takes a fleet-management system plus plus plus. So this is not us saying this, it is the engine giving the hard real-time data that is proving this."

Q. Jeff McArthur Global News: "Okay, if you can cut carbon emissions by 50% and the noxious emissions [NOx] -- the hazardous emissions by 88% and you can save me a bunch of fuel -- this is something I would have to say is needed. Aside from the fact you are sitting and talking to me and presumably other media about it, what are you doing about marketing it? Because you obviously have statistics that say that if this were equipped on pretty well all of the diesel trucks flying the highways of Ontario, and much less to say Canada, we would make significant in-roads in the amount of greenhouse gasses escaping into the atmosphere."
A. dynaCERT Inc. CEO: "Well absolutely, there are stats showing that 25% of all greenhouse gasses in Canada are produced by the transportation industry. Now we have gone to great extremes, firstly to protect this product, but then to have it proven world-wide; be it thru ICAT in India, Pit Group here in Canada, to TUV North and South in Germany -- where we just got homologation in Germany, which is literally the most stringent testing facility in the world. The European's are now just all over this because every day you read the newspapers over there, it's a war against NOx."

Q. Jeff McArthur Global News: "So I would be surprised to hear, if you told me, and I'm going to try and ask you this question without putting you on the spot ... I'd be surprised if you hadn't done a fair amount of calculating -- What kind of dent would this make if this were on every truck on the roads in Canada? What kind a dent would this make in our efforts to improve the overall quality of the air and address the climate change aspect that is environmental?"
A. dynaCERT Inc. CEO: "Well, if say 1/3 of the trucks in Canada adopt this right now, Canada would meet or exceed its goals for the Paris Accord literally overnight."

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Sept-2019 institutional coverage report: https://sectornewswire.com/dya-analyst-report-19029.pdf

Recent Technology Journal Review: https://technologymarketwatch.com/dya.htm

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