Epinoia Aeon Federation (EAF) says not enough is being done to help protect our planet

Epinoia Aeon Federation (EAF)

Epinoia Aeon Federation (EAF)

EAF looks to raise awareness for the issues that affect our planet and offer alternative solutions to problems such as 'the waste of plastic bottles'

Not enough is being done to help protect our planet and that we can't rely on world leaders and politicians to address these issues anymore.”— Epinoia Aeon Federation, SpokespersonGENEVA, SWITZERLAND, June 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- What have you, as individuals, as nations and as the Earth’s inhabitants done to take care of Mother Earth? This question that EAF poses on their website can cause much resistance but it is a question that sadly can no longer be avoided. A spokesman for EAF in a recent statement said that 'not enough is being done to help protect our planet and that we can't rely on world leaders and politicians to address these issues anymore'.

What Do We Know About EAF?

EAF is a Federation of five Global Corporations that look to educate the world on green matters and rid the world of many unnecessary practices that are still common practice today. EAF has many practical, environmentally friendly, and humanitarian alternatives to some of the practices that are currently in place. According to recent polls and extensive research-based studies, customers currently believe that high-quality products are too expensive, so they buy cheap, toxic versions. EAF has visions of changing this malicious system and replacing current harmful practices with ones that are built with the world’s interest at their foundation.

EAF Plan To Change How We Buy And Think About Food

EAF acknowledges that ultimately it is the customer’s choice on what products they will buy or not. They do believe however those customers must have the privilege to choose between Ecologic clean natural products or Toxic poison of GMO products. On their website, they proceed to talk about how many animals are subject to inhumane torment and how many livelihoods are destroyed by aggressive corporation takeover deals but yet this reality is either accepted or to often just ignored.

The Many Missions Of EAF (eliminating third-party company's)

The mission of EAF is to produce and support eco-friendly products while lowering prices by eliminating third parties companies, like packaging and transportation. These two unnecessary departments come from 3rd parties. The packaging and transportation costs apply to the price of the product. In the end, the customer is the one who is paying for the 3rd party. By eliminating this third party, the cost of the product drops significantly.

EAF Want To Change How We Deliver Water!

The system for delivering drinkable water is old and requires the integration of a new innovative system, which the people of EAF have created. Krystal Grid Water Complex is a new system for distributing water and all other beverages. There are many products on their website that shows that we can produce and deliver water to people in a more eco-conscious manner. In many countries around the world, drinking tap water is not considered a safe option so many are reduced to buying bottled water because there are no viable alternative options. Did you know that within 6 minutes, the time it will probably take you to read this article, 6 tonnes of trash would have been dumped into the ocean? If this stat doesn't make you see that we have a problem I don't know what will!

What Does EAF Stand For?

Epinoia Aeon Federation is gathering together all honorable, and benevolent world leaders to solve the Earth’s problems without War. They invite environmentalists to invest in Eco investment Projects to correct mistakes that have been made worldwide. They look to radically change the way we consume goods in a capitalist world and have the core value of humanitarianism in everything they do. If more people were aware of the process of killing animals when processing meat or understood that there were alternative ways to distribute water I’m sure many people will soon look to organizations such as EAF to help support their fight in making the world a better place to live.

Let's take more control today and fight against corrupt, populist politicians who continue to do nothing about the global crisis we are experiencing.

How Can I Support EAF?

You can get in contact with them on their website. Where you will be able to learn more about initiatives that they are working on as well as more detailed information regarding some of the things I have briefly addressed in this article. They are a brilliant organization and if successful with their long term vision the planet will be better for it! Please check out their website today and learn more about their philosophy and how they plan to change the world for the better.

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