Bishop Thomas Masters Encourages Second Chances for Criminal Offenders

Bishop Thomas Masters is all about giving people second chances. His empathy and genuine support for second chances expand into many areas of his life, including his work with a significant number of criminal offenders and felons.

The work that Bishop Thomas Masters has exhibited to help people receive second chances is highly-praised by his local community, Riviera Beach, Florida, as well as throughout other parts of the state and country. Over the past few years, Bishop Thomas Masters contributed greatly to the community by establishing and helping host the Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas A Masters Ex-Felon Job Fair.

It is believed that having a job can help a person feel more productive and normal in life, which is of the utmost importance for all criminal offenders who want to integrate back into society as respectful citizens. More so, it’s believed by multiple reentry practitioners that offenders reentering society are much less likely to re-offend if they have a job. However, many criminal offenders, particularly those with a felonious background, find it difficult to secure employment once a felony conviction is obtained. Bishop Thomas Masters, though, has always believed in second chances.

Sometimes, a felon’s past is their biggest strength and can be used as a valuable asset to an employer. Just because a person got caught at one of their worst life moments doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be a good worker. A lot of felons show the utmost loyalty and advanced skill sets to employers that are willing to hire them.

It’s a very good thing that people like Bishop Thomas Masters take the time to give second chances to criminal offenders, particularly being that more than 20 million Americans have or have had a felony conviction. This means roughly 1 out of every 12 adults in the country is a felon. Thanks to Bishop Thomas Masters and his passion for giving people second chances, it’s becoming easier in the state of Florida for felons to connect and network with potential employers,

Bishop Thomas Masters does so much more for the community and criminal offenders. He spends much of his time making sure felons know about the most recent laws pertaining to felons and their voting rights. Bishop Thomas Masters want to ensure all qualifying felons have the knowledge and resources they need to re-establish their voting rights. Essentially, Bishop Thomas Masters is helping the entire country become a better place.

Bishop Thomas Masters

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