Real Life Punks – Bringing Real Life Punks fans to the metaverse through NFTs.

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Real Life Punks, the viable group of real-life individuals who live a punk rock lifestyle, coming together to create a community, in the digital space announced their new 10000 real-life punks, who left the real world to continue the punk culture, built in the ’70s, on the metaverse.


California – May 11th, 2022 – The continual changes in the digital revolution make it increasingly important every day to stay on top of the new requirements that we must meet in a world dominated by innovation and scientific progress. These changes and advancements make it imperative to take the next step in order to capitalize on the opportunities that each new innovation, discovery, or progress in any field of knowledge brings. 

Inspired by the rebellious, fast-paced, mohawk culture of the punk rock world. Real Life Punks project is 10000 Real Life punks carrying on a culture started in the 1970s to the brand new realm of the metaverse. They represent everything that comes with punk culture, ideology, and style. They believe in freedom of choice, nihilism, and a rejection of centralized authority. 

Real Life Punks NFT is a punk rock-inspired NFT set of 10000 NFTs aimed at bringing real Life punk fans together on the metaverse. They can interact with one another in person on the metaverse, instead of chatting on discord.  

Metaverse is known for its social VR experiences, and with Real Life Punks, punk rock fans finally have a place to come together and interact in person. This allows them to share their love of punk rock music and culture, and to connect with others who share their interests. 

“The punk rock ideology is built on personal freedom and rejection of mainstream media trends”, says NewarGuy, the spokesperson at Real Life Punks, “therefore this is a community of 10000 holders allowed to think for themselves, allowed to be different, allowed to be weird. You can always spot us on the metaverse with our Mohawks, tight leather jeans, and anti-establishment quotes are written on our shirts”, 

This emerging platform will be on the Solana blockchain and has features of transparency and security, which is crucial for long-term feasibility and decentralization. Solana Metaverse Project is a community-oriented platform that provides Solana NFT integration to people where they can pay and invest. Real Life Punks stand for everything associated with punk culture, ideology, and style.  

RLP also provides music events for its shareholders. It will increase the efficiency and availability of E-currency to everyone. Solana DAO will create an advanced economic infrastructure consisting of NFT & Metaverse integration in its system and quickly become an unstoppable economic cornerstone to the world. The use of technology will facilitate a financial revolution that will leave everyone more financially connected, empowered, and enabled. In short, RLP provides many facilities under one umbrella.

About Real Life Punks 

Real Life Punks NFT (RLP) is a platform that works with and uses Solana. RLP is an NFT project with 10000 NFTs that manages an NFT world’s DAO. Our Platform seeks to increase classic financial creative ideas, confidence, decentralization, and mechanization while private information and data of users. With its growing suite of blockchain infrastructure services and sophisticated resources, businesses can layout the groundwork for emerging domains like digital assets, NFT, Metaverse, and E-currency in the most seamless process while de-risking the development process. A viable group of real-life individuals who live a punk rock lifestyle, coming together to create a community, in the digital space.

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